DOING THE WORK is a column on NEWS BREAK that amplifies activism occurring at the local, national, and international stage and highlights exemplary leadership. The column covers exceptional community engagement and social innovation, Industry inequities and approaches to change management, insights on socio-economical shifts, and interviews diverse voices. AUTHOR Christopher Massimine is the Managing Director of Pioneer Theatre Company, the official state theatre of Utah, that operates under the auspices of the University of Utah, at which Chris jointly serves as a senior administrator. In the private sector, Chris is the Founder and Managing Member of Imagine Tomorrow, an international firm, spanning hundreds of partners, founded to shepherd and source capital for creative works in Entertainment+Lifestyle+Tech. Its mission is to develop impactful creative projects that inspire humanity to do good. He is an award-winning producer of theatre, film, television, video games, and music; a two-time Tony Award nominee; business development consultant; leading arts activist; contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine; columnist at Theatre Art Life.