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"Diet for dogs that have been done may not show immediate results. If this is the case, a few things may need to be considered and adjusted. The main principle of this is to limit the amount of caloric intake and increase the body's activity of the pet dog."

Diets for dogs are usually done to treat obesity or overweight conditions. Obesity in dogs should not be underestimated and left alone because this condition can be a risk factor for various diseases. To deal with obese pet dogs, several tips can be applied.

One of them is to choose the right diet for pet dogs. Weight loss in pets is no different from that in humans. The main principle for losing weight is the number of calories that enter the body must be the same or lower compared to the number of calories expended.

Tips for Implementing and Choosing a Diet for Dogs

Implementing a diet for dogs can help lose weight, especially in obese pet dogs. Several tips can be applied to help pet dogs get to the ideal weight, including;

Limit Calorie Intake

The main principle in the diet is to limit the intake of calories that enter the body. Because excessive calories are one of the causes of dogs experiencing obesity, limiting calories can be done by reducing the amount of food given to dogs. If your pet dog is usually given food up to 2 plates at a time, you can start reducing it to one and a half or only one plate at a time.

Nutritional food

In addition to reducing the number of calories that enter, giving your nutritious pet food can also help you lose weight. Choose foods rich in nutrients, especially fiber and protein, so that the dog's digestion can be maintained and the feeling of fullness lasts longer.

Drink a lot of water

The next tip that should not be missed is to make sure the pet dog's drinking bowl is full of water. Like humans, pet dogs who drink lots of water will avoid the risk of dehydration and prevent excessive hunger.

Increase Physical Activity

In addition to limiting food intake, losing dog weight is also done by increasing physical activity. This can increase the burning of calories that were previously obtained from food.

Do it patiently

To lose weight takes long patience. You can accompany your dog on a weight loss journey by doing things he likes. If you're used to rewarding your dog with food, replace it with fun physical activities like play. This can help prevent your dog from overheating and increase his daily physical activity.

Do a Health Check

If all the diet efforts for the dog have been made and the results are still not visible, try to do a health check. Because it could be a pet dog experiencing health problems, especially on hormone levels in the body, not much different from humans, pet dogs can also experience hormonal imbalances that make it difficult to lose weight.

In addition, weight problems in dogs can also be related to other diseases. It is necessary to immediately visit a veterinarian to determine the exact cause of this condition.


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