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"When I saw the Cane Corso dog, the first impression was that this dog was big, tough, and sturdy. The Cane Corso race does have large body muscles, is always alert, confident, and knows no fear. This dog is kept for many tasks, including as a herder."

Responsive, agile, and highly adaptive, cane Corso breed dogs are widely kept worldwide as cattle herders and guard dogs. At first glance, this breed of dog does look quite creepy, but in fact, Cane Corso is a kind of dog that is fun, smart, and very friendly to humans.

As a large mastiff breed, cane Corso dogs are very muscular and energetic. That said, this dog is so powerful. However, they are also very loyal, loving, and gentle and are often recommended for families with children or toddlers because these dogs tend to be very protective of their little human family members.

How to Care for a Cane Corso Dog

Before deciding to adopt a Cane Corso breed dog, there are several things you need to know about this one breed, namely:

Cane Corso Dog Needs a Large Place

Dogs with large body sizes are not suitable for residential houses or small apartments. Not only that, but active dogs certainly also need a lot of space for where they move. Having a large yard is not enough to make this one dog's energy run out. You still have to take him for a walk or play in the park.

It requires a Lot of Mental Stimulation.

Cane Corso belongs to dog breeds with extraordinary intelligence. This means they are not only fun as playmates and practice but also require a lot of interaction and mental stimulation. If you do not get used to giving tasks, training, inviting interaction, and giving games, it is not impossible that this dog will be bored, anxious, unruly, and even depressed.

So make sure you give this dog extra playtime before going to work or some dog-specific puzzle toys when you're not with him. Also, make sure there is a family member who replaces you to take this dog for a walk or accompany him to play.

Requires Special Care

Cane Corso dog fur can be said to be short and stiff. However, this does not mean that this dog does not require special care. You should bathe the dog of this breed at least once a week and brush its teeth every week two to three times. Take care and clean the bristles daily using a soft and broad brush.

Training with Food Rewards Is Very Effective

Dogs love food. It may be accurate, but the Cane Corso race is more than that. They will eat everything you give. So, stay careful when giving him food because it can trigger many health problems if excessive. Avoid the leftovers you eat near this dog because they can devour them.

You also need to know that dogs of this breed are straightforward to train with food rewards. This dog will do all the commands to get the food. So it won't be challenging to teach him. Just give food or snacks as a gift, and this dog will be such a domestic breed.


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