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For example, you are forced to live in a high crime rate environment. What would you do besides installing CCTV and fencing in the house? Some people may choose to keep a guard dog.

Guard dogs tend to be territorial, dominant, and reject strangers but are very protective and loyal to their owners. Here are some of the best guard dogs ready to protect you!

1. Rottweiler

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Rottweilers will instinctively be compelled to protect their owners. Usually, that protective instinct appears in an adult when he is a year old or two.

The bite is very deadly thanks to the large head and strong jaws. According to Time for Paws, its bite force is 328 pounds. His intimidating physique and fearless nature make the rottweiler the perfect guard dog.

2. German shepherds

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German shepherd dog or herder can be a guard dog because it has protective properties, loyal, intelligent, easy to train, and is supported by a muscular physique. That's why this dog is often part of the K9 unit.

This dog will warn with its intimidating barking when it sees a potential threat. It can attack when given an order! However, its bite force is below the rottweiler, 238 pounds per square inch (PSI).

3. Doberman pinscher

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If you have a spacious house or building, then maintaining a Doberman pinscher is the right decision. This dog is always vigilant and able to ambush intruders in a short time.

In addition, they will "patrol" to ensure the property they are guarding is in a safe condition. No wonder the police and military agencies gave him a special place in the K9 unit.

4. Belgian Malinois

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At first glance, the Belgian Malinois looks similar to a German shepherd dog. However, they are two different races. Belgian malinois fur is shorter with a slimmer body.

In addition to being relied on as a guard, Belgian Malinois are also good at detecting bombs, and sniffing drugs, to be used in search and rescue (SAR), reported The Happy Puppy Site.

5. Bullmastiff

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Although his face is full of wrinkles, the bullmastiff has a muscular body. They are dubbed silent watchdogs because they watch around in silence and only bark if needed, cites Dog Wish.

Historically, bullmastiffs are a mixture of bulldog and mastiff breeds. The result is a large, stocky dog, brave and has a strong instinct to protect.

6. Tibetan mastiff

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The dog, which has another name, do khyi, is so large and thick-haired that it resembles a bear. In its home country, this dog protects the village by being tied up at the gate during the day and allowed to roam (patrol) at night.

What's his nature? Tibetan mastiffs are very protective of people they consider family, tend to be territorial and have a barking tendency. So, there is a possibility that it will disturb the neighbors.

7. Great Dane

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If standing on both hind legs, the height of the great dance reaches 7 feet or about 210 meters. A giant posture and a sharp eye may make the thief run away.

His instinct as a guard dog is powerful. Because according to its history, in Germany in the 1500s, the Great Dane was used for hunting wild boars. They are tough and fearless!

Those are some of the best guard dogs ready to protect their owners and families. Guaranteed, your home will be safe!

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