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When raising a dog, we also need to consider its care, including when the dog wants to give birth. Recognizing the signs of a dog wanting to give birth can be a solution so that you can prepare for the necessary needs.

Like humans, dogs also need to be taken to the doctor to do ultrasounds and consultations around their pregnancy. This test is done to determine the age, condition, and time of birth.

1. Characteristics of a pregnant dog
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The characteristics of a pregnant dog need to be known so that you can prepare food and provide appropriate care. Here's what a pregnant dog shows:

  • Increased appetite can be one of the signs of a pregnant dog, including if the dog becomes a picky eater because he has to share nutrition with his future child. Beyond that, you will also find the dog challenging to eat because of morning sickness.
  • Weight gain is the main feature of pregnancy in dogs. In addition, you will find physical changes that tend to be centred on the stomach.
  • Pregnant dogs will experience physical changes in their nipples, so enlarged and reddish
  • Dogs that are pregnant usually like to be alone and not much activity. If your dog belongs to the active type, then suddenly a lot of silence could be he is pregnant.
  • Not only silent, pregnant dogs usually sleep a lot because they feel body changes that make them less comfortable.
  • A pregnant dog will like to seek the attention of its owner. Although he often keeps his distance, he can usually ask to be stroked and scratched.
  • Pregnant dogs are generally increasingly sensitive and reluctant to be approached. He will refuse to be mated and not hesitate to protect himself.
  • The above seven points are a common feature of dogs that are pregnant. It does not rule out that your dog will show other attitudes and behaviours according to his habits.

2. Signs of the dog wanting to give birth
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After passing the gestation period of about two months or about 62-64 days, the dog begins to desire to give birth. Although it cannot be predicted precisely, some of these things can be signs that the dog is willing to give birth:

  • Enlargement of the nipples and hair loss around it. The dog's breasts will be more visible before dawn in preparation for breastfeeding the baby
  • Body temperature decreases usually will change one to one degree from the average temperature of 38-39 degrees Celsius.
  • Abdominal pain is characterized by feelings of restlessness, panting, and groaning in pain. The closer the time of delivery, the dog will show this gelagat because of contractions and the opening of the birth canal.
  • Along with stomach pain, your dog will also be lazy to eat.
  • The movement of the puppy in the stomach is increasingly visible. Approaching the time of birth, you can observe the action of the fetus in the belly of the dog's mother.
  • Mucus appears from the birth canal or vaginal opening, a fluid that helps the labour process.

If you have found mucus coming out of the vaginal opening of the pet dog, then immediately prepare the equipment and location of delivery. This is a sign of 'first opening' for the dog who wants to give birth.

3. How to help a dog give birth
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Dogs can give birth at home or at the vet. If you want a dog to give birth at home, here are some ways to prepare for delivery that can be done:

  • Prepare an emergency veterinary contact to monitor and help you take appropriate action during the dog delivery process at home.
  • A comfortable, safe and clean place. Provide boxes made of non-porous materials and easy to clean. In addition, make sure there is enough room for the dog's size and the babies later.
  • Ensure the place has enough moisture, a warm room temperature, and good air circulation. You can use a water bowl or a humidifier and infrared radiation lamp so that the baby dog is easily adaptable.
  • Position the dog on the place of delivery that has been provided. When the labour process begins, the dog will bark and whimper to endure pain. But there is no need to worry because this is a natural response. If so, enough accompany and give a sense of comfort without touching it.
  • Generally, the dog delivery process lasts from 30 minutes to four hours. The pause in the birth of a puppy occurs about once every 30 minutes after the mother dog strains for ten to thirty minutes. The duration and length of the birth moment can be different because some dogs also experience a birth break of four hours at each birth.

If no puppy is out for 30-60 minutes, immediately contact the veterinarian. If a puppy is also not born after four hours, you also need to get a doctor as soon as possible.

Signs of a dog wanting to give birth can occur very clearly or implicitly. Therefore, you need to understand it to avoid being confused when the time comes later. Good luck!.


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