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In New York City, there are plenty of parks for your four-legged friend to run, play, and watch people. You can find a great dog park near you by looking for a large park that accommodates large and small dogs. You can also take your dog to an urban oasis, like Mercer-Houston Park in Mercer, Texas. Prospect Park is also a great place to take your dog.

Mercer-Houston dog park
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The Mercer-Houston dog park is a membership-only park located between two towers. Despite its high membership fees, the park has low turnover, and members receive a key fob to enter. Unlike many dog parks, this one requires unique tags for dogs, and members enjoy year-round access. Memberships also cover a low-key fee of $60 per dog per year.

The Mercer-Houston dog park is a concrete dog run with a bone-shaped plastic pool, a concrete ramp, and a hose for your dog to spray. Although it may not be fancy, it is free and open to the public. Jen Raila visits the Mercer-Houston dog park with her two dogs every day and spends at least an hour at the park.

Alice's Dog Run
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You can take your pup to Alice's Dog Run dog park if you live near the Pasadena area. This 2.5-acre park is open daily from six am to nine pm, except Tuesday. Before bringing your pup to Alice's, make sure he has his vaccines and is licensed. The park has dog water stations, shade trees, and separate areas for large and small dogs. There is also ample parking.

The dog park features large and small runs, three swimming pools, bath areas, and picnic tables. There is also a double-entry gate and clean-up bags available. The park also offers a Shake Shack on-site with dog-friendly treats and water. While your dog has fun, you can unwind in the garden and eat a delicious meal. If you have young children, you can also take them to the park and have a picnic lunch.

West 72nd street dog run
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The Riverside Park Conservancy recently announced the closure of the West 72nd Street Dog Run, located under the West Side Highway. The run was found in a beautiful green space and provided ample space for dogs and their owners to exercise. The 72nd Street Dog Run features separate areas for large and small dogs, plenty of shade for dog parents, and fenced-in security. The run does not feature agility equipment but plenty of room to run and plenty of dog-friendly playmates.

In addition to providing a safe, off-leash area, the West 72nd Street Dog Run is a great place to socialize with other dog owners, do yoga, and relax. The 72nd Street Dog Run is located in the Hudson River Greenway, a beautiful park home to many renowned local businesses. While the park does require leash clipping, you and your dog are free to walk freely, play in the open spaces, and exercise together.

Prospect Park
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If you live in or near Prospect Park, you might want to take your dog out for some playtime. This park offers plenty of space for dogs and people alike. In addition to its dog park, the park has a dog community. The Fellowship For The Interests Of Dogs and Their Owners, FIDO sponsors events and lectures and even donates money to the Prospect Park Alliance to install new trashcans. The group also supports coffee bark in the Picnic House, where they provide coffee and pastries while delivering relevant information about off-leash activities and the park. You and your dog will likely want to check out this group for some socializing.

While many dog owners are concerned about their dogs mounting another dog, this is not always a problem. Mounting happens between dogs, and not all are sexual. Often, dogs mount one another of the same sex. Regardless, you should be mindful of this and ensure that your dog is neutered or spayed.


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