Profitable Business Over Million-Dollar Company: CEO Brayan Leverage on How to Become Wealthy

Doğa Uludağ

In today’s fast-paced environment, 33-year-old CEO Brayan Leverage harbors a distinct mindset from an average million-dollar business owner. For him, rich and wealthy are two very different concepts which should not be used interchangeably. Because, in layman’s terms, “rich” is precarious while “wealthy” is safe. And we want to be safe. In other words, he believes in a holistic approach towards wealth, where a business owner should prioritize a positive change in every aspect of his life unless he wants to lose over time all that he earned.
Doğa Uludağ

Business-wise, Brayan Leverage has always committed himself to one main goal: maintaining the money flow. What that means in broad terms, is, putting sustained profit over a quick buck. Because he is well-aware that the millionaire mindset could end up in shambles if it is not coupled with a business mindset. As an owner of five 6-figure businesses, Brayan says that making the million dollars was not the most difficult part but multiplying it was. According to Brayan Leverage, it is quite easy to get carried away with the abundance of money you made, while in fact you need to work harder now in order to keep the flux of additional millions. He states, “I might look like the boss here, but the truth is the business is my boss. Each of the employees, including myself, can get paid as long as the business makes money.”
Doğa Uludağ

But what is the remedy to this millionaire syndrome? For Brayan Leverage, it is simply staying on top of his life in all its intricacies. Business mindset for Brayan entails becoming the best of himself in every role he fulfills daily. Every day, Brayan Leverage wakes up and strives for becoming the best boss, the best business owner, the business partner. But it does not come to a halt there. Brayan pinpoints that you need to become the best son, husband, parent, nephew, cousin, partner, brother and so on. Let the business approach spill into your personal life. This holistic approach to money and business has resulted in Brayan going pescetarian, becoming sober, working out every day and caring for his mental health and his body as greatest as he could. Because, Brayan Leverage says, “I must exist in my highest physical and spiritual self to become the best for others in my life, including but not limited to my business.” Brayan Leverage’s goals are clear, his motivations are strong, and his spirits are high. His most cherished quality, according to Brayan Leverage himself, is that he never forgets the fact that no matter how rich he gets, there is always a possibility to lose it all overnight. Instead, his mission is to build his wealth with constant hard work and effort, however much it could possibly take.
Doğa Uludağ

Brayan Leverage engages the power of journaling and meditating into his everyday routine. He carries around his journal everywhere he goes, often taking the time out of his busy day of meetings to just go sit in his car and read his goals out loud. He believes such practice helps incorporate his goals into his life firmer and firmer every single day. It helps recenter his focus on what is the most important. Plus, he asks his mentees at Leverage Cap Solutions to exercise the same routine, keeping a journal and reading it to themselves as much as they can in a day. Mr. Leverage always reminds his clients and students that although he could boost their credit score, obtain them enough credit to fund their business, they must always look out for maintaining the said business in the long term. Brayan Leverage firmly puts faith in his journaling and meditating practice in attaining his dream business, hence, he confidently fosters a holistic business mindset in his mentorship courses.

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