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Young FX Trader Aman Momin Proves Gen-Z is About to Change the Millionaire Game

Doğa Uludağ
Doğa Uludağ

Meet Aman Momin. Aman is a millionaire. Aman is a self-made millionaire. Aman is a self-made millionaire at 22. It may sound too good to be true, fake even, but it is as clear as day that Aman is a Gen-Z with millions in his bank account and a McLaren in his garage. And he says it is not difficult to reach where he is with the right motivation and constant determination.

Born to an immigrant couple in Atlanta, Georgia; Aman Momin led pretty much a normal life as any other kid. But in his senior year of high school, at 18, Aman unknowingly took the very first step to change his life forever. It was a rapid but not a sudden change, though. Initially, he got into stock trading after hearing one of his friends talking about it casually. Once he gained some understanding of what the trading sector entails, he decided to go through with it all the way. He did extensive research on trading niches, attended courses taught by professionals and joined private trader groups. A year had passed while Aman had equipped himself with elaborate knowledge and solid experience in trading when he noticed the great potential in forex trading. Subsequently, he began dedicating his time and focus more and more into the FX market. After a short while, Aman was able to judiciously read charts from which he deduced patterns and anticipate plausible results. With a rock-solid commitment to trading every day regardless of the size of assets he traded with and a firm grasp on risk management; Aman Momin hit a million dollars in the year 2020, at the age of 20.
Doğa Uludağ

Becoming a millionaire at such a young age led to a massive shift in Aman’s mindset. He realized that college might not be an irreplaceable part in everyone’s path to economic freedom. His thriving track record showed that, too. Aman has not only bought his own house at an age that is almost impossible for an average young adult today; he also ended up retiring his parents. After he took care of the essential needs, though, he went on to honor his childhood dream of owning a supercar. This is how Aman Momin became the youngest supercar owner in the state of Georgia. Aman is now driving his shiny McLaren with well-earned pride knowing that such accomplishment is the outcome of his own hard work & consistency.

Aman’s remarkable success in FX trading naturally garnered great interest in what methods and tools he is employing since forex is such a complex market that requires undivided attention and a solid strategy of risk management. Moreover, the online information on profitable trading itself is quite vague. Recognizing this gap in resourceful trading, Aman Momin started his own training company, Elite Capital, to help fellow traders learn and implement instrumental skills by showing them first-hand how he manages his money in real time. While theoretical knowledge is important in FX trading, for Aman, one-on-one mentorship is absolutely crucial.

Since forex is a decentralized market that never sleeps, there is constant fluctuation, endless speculation and instant decision making. Therefore, a trader must be able to decide and redecide at the snap of a finger. Watching an experienced trader like Aman in action during such instantaneous procedure allows a trader to witness momentary changes in trading behavior. According to Aman, watching him trade live combined with intense training period involving private Q&A sessions with him addressing what walls you could potentially hit as an upcoming trader and how you should tackle those obstacles is the key to achieving financial freedom.
Doğa Uludağ

Although Aman Momin became a millionaire at 20, his advice to other traders fresh to the sector is first and foremost to be patient and dedicated. You must go into it knowing you might not make money right off the bat or make very little. As an intelligent trader who has helped hundreds of fellow traders quit their day jobs and thrive on the forex market, Aman emphasizes the importance of the right training in risk management. “You should avoid overtrading especially when you are new to the game. Limit yourself to one session and maximum 3 trades a night. At first, play small & make small, but play consistently.” For his trainees on Elite Capital, he makes it a rule to journal their trades. In Aman’s opinion, keeping a record of your trading behavior helps you see the bigger picture, discern faulty patterns, and consequently learn from your mistakes.

Aman Momin is sharing his insights on a night’s trading volume and market fluctuations on his Instagram stories every day at @amanmomin_. He says he likes to stay in touch with like minded individuals on his page as well as at Elite Capital private chat groups. Nowadays, Atlanta locals might catch a sight of him driving his McLaren among fellow supercar club members, sporting one of his luxury watches which he owns a collection worth a total of 100.000$. Aman says he is planning on venturing out to real estate to invest his money and start a hedge fund soon.

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