Cook-kits for Backpacking: From Solo Trips To Family Trips

A Review of our cook kits for 2021. Our solo or two person kit is a Hybrid Stanley cook pot and our family kit is a non-branded system from Walmart. I forgot to mention what the paper clips were for. When cooking a Knorr side in the cook pouch they are not re-sealable bags. I use the paper clips to keep the bags closed while they are in the cook pouch. 0:24 Mid-Life Crisis? 2:18 Solo Cook Kit Overview 4:14 Family Cook Kit Overview 8:50 Double Oven 10:30 Solo Cook Kit Specs 12:33 Family Cook Kit Specs 14:49 Special Delivery 15:33 Boil-off Competition 16:47 Stove Issues 18:16 Wrap up SOLO Total Weight = 21.6 oz (with fuel) Total Cup Volume = 20oz Usable Cup Volume = 16oz Total Pot Volume = 32oz Usable Pot Volume = 20oz Volume in pack = 1 litre FAMILY Total Weight (modified) = 36.6 oz Total Pan Volume = 32oz Usable Pan Volume = 16oz Total Pot Volume = 50oz Usable Pot Volume = 38oz Total Kettle Volume = 40oz Usable Kettle Volume = 32oz Volume in Pack = 2.25 litre

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