How Being A Geek Now Feels Vs How It Used To Feel

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In the past, being a geek was seen as a negative thing. Now, it's more of a compliment than ever. Here's how being a geek now feels vs how it used to feel.

Being a geek in the past was seen as a negative thing. It was something to be ashamed of and people would make fun of you for it. Now, though, being a geek is more of a compliment than ever. In fact, many people now see it as an asset and something to be proud of. Here's how being a geek now feels vs how it used to feel:

How Being A Geek Used To Feel

When I was a kid, being a geek meant that I was different. I loved science fiction and fantasy, and I wasn't afraid to show it. In fact, I loved dressing up in my geeky clothes and going to conventions. Born in the early 1960's in what to me was the golden age of television and imagination. I got to watch shows like Batman, Twilight Zone, Star Trek, Lost in Space and other classics. Sounds like fun right? Not really, while I did enjoy my geekiness, my friends were into sports, dancing, going to the roller rink and other "normal" activities. Yes being that geeky guy meant mean jokes at school, being picked on and thought of as being strange. But being in front of that TV every week at that "Same Bat Time " "Same Bat Channel" meant so much to me.

If you were a geek, you were either skinny and wimpy or a tad on the "big boned" side. And even though we tried to fit in with the normal kids, few really accepted us for us, and even less would really have our backs if there was trouble. I liked sports, but I didn't really play sports, The one thing that I had going for me was that there were others just like me. And we would go to each others homes after school to talk about any and everything. Read each others comics even drool over "Bat Girl" or "Judy Robinson". I remember back in my teens years in the 70's by best friend took me to see the midnight showing of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", my mind was blown. I felt like a "Faux Geek". Up until that point the extent of my geekiness was going to Creation Con in NYC, wearing the replica "Red Shirt" of death t-shirt from star trek to school. I even met Tom Baker of Dr. Who fame and he signed a Dr. Who novel for me. There were fun times and ugly time as a geek in the old days. I wore my geekness with pride many times and sometimes it was a struggle emotionally being the weird kid.

How Being A Geek Now Feels

Nowadays, being a geek means being part of a community. There are forums where geeks can share ideas and advice, and there are conventions where we can meet other like-minded people. We're not alone anymore, and that's something worth celebrating!

While being a geek has a negative connotation in some circles due to the negative stereotype that has been built up over the years, being a geek is actually a great thing in today's world. While there was a time when being a geek meant you were socially outcast, that time is long gone. Today, being a geek means you are intelligent, interested in all aspects of technology, curious, and ahead of the curve. All of these are positive traits that are looked upon positively by most people. There are many people in the world that would want to be considered a geek because it means they are different. Geeks are people who are not afraid to be different and aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for a way to become more popular and make more friends, then being a geek is a great way to do it. Now as an adult I realize that I wouldn't change a thing, those uncomfortable times made me smarter, stronger and allowed me to be creative, logical, tech savy, and a visionary. I say embrace your geek side.

Conclusion: Being a geek is no longer seen as a negative thing. It's more accepted and enjoyed by many people. Being a geek is a positive thing! There are so many more positive traits that can be associated with being a geek. The fact that you are intelligent, curious, interested in all aspects of technology, and ahead of the curve are all positive traits that can give you an edge in a business setting. I hope you have enjoyed this post on why being a geek is a smart thing!

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