Broke to Millions With Matt Shoup Authentic Story Revealed

n this MoneyBru with DJM Design episode we interview Matt Sharp, a driven entrepreneur with a passion for jujitsu, author of the upcoming book "The Painted Baby" and a go-getter. He's a multifaceted individual, a problem solver, and a great storyteller. The $20,800 in 28 days is a significant moment in Matt's journey as an entrepreneur. It was a crucial turning point in his life where he was forced to think creatively and find a solution to a difficult situation. After getting let go from his job at the bank, Matt was left in a situation where he needed to come up with a significant amount of money within a short period of time. Instead of getting discouraged, he saw it as an opportunity to start a business. He reached out to some people he knew from his college painting days and started working on a new business venture with just $100. This shows that Matt is not afraid to think outside the box and take risks. He's a problem solver and a go-getter, and it's this type of mindset th

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