Greeley, CO

DJM.Design formerly MoneyBru® - AKA Daniel James Media. We combine South African culture with psychology, money, business, and website SEO data, with a comedy meme twist to empower your life. Real down-to-earth guests. No more dry eye syndrome, and please, for the love of all things good, no more boring, business content! Topics Covered - personal finance, investing, marketing, business, and start-up ventures. Originally from South Africa, he immigrated in 2013 on a design internship. I am inspired by helping people grow with multimedia and business for the last 11 years. ABOUT THE AGENCY - We are a highly specialized multimedia design agency encompassed by an army of virtual freelancers. We analyze your business and construct a perfect mix of design, web, video, and marketing to dominate your industry. On top of all this, we donate 11% of gross income to South African and USA communities to create jobs, alleviate poverty, corruption, and support orphans.