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8 Houston Pet Services and Activities You Need to Try

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Houston is a very pet-friendly city a host of amenities for pets. Pet owners should be relieved knowing that they can pamper their furry and feathered buddies at several places. There’s everything from swimming pools to mobile grooming, and more. Here is a list of 8 of these fabulous pet services that are squad goals for you and your pet.

1. A Special Treat Shop

The Katy-based farm-to-kibble shop Patsy’s Pet Market takes care of the favorite things of your favorites. The treats sold here are nutritious, yummy, and super-attractive for your doggos. They just can’t have enough of these treats that come without cheap fillers such as animal by-products, corn, soy, wheat, or cornmeal. Founder Patsy McCray also has treats with gourmet flavors such as chicken parmesan and bison apple.

2. Especially for Small Dogs

The Best Little Dog House in Texas, based in Montrose, has made a truly special place for small dogs. They only take in dogs that weigh 35 pounds or below, allowing your fur babies ample space to enjoy their stay with pals. They have both indoor and outdoor yards to get around, play fetch, and much more when you are away. If you are leaving your dog overnight, they can snuggle on the leather sofas in the sleeping room.

3. Romping Around in a Big Backyard

At the East End Backyard by Brian Ching, dogs can happily romp around in the 3,500 square feet fenced park. Let your pets enjoy this big, open space while you enjoy cocktails served to the table in an enclosed area. They also have a great variety of beers on tap, in total 25 of them, to enjoy your day as your pet plays around with his furry pals. This fantastic space allows a wonderful time out for pet owners to relax and keep a watch on their fur babies all the same.

4. Getting Your Pet Around

Pets often have to be taken to groomers or vets. Shaina Nelson from the Texas Pet Concierge runs a taxi service, especially for pets. Not to mention, they are among the best pet-sitters in town. At $20 for 30 minutes, Nelson and her team shuttle pets to groomers and vets or run errands for them. She says that all she tries is to be an extension of the pet owners.


5. Frozen Delights for Dogs

Kahuna Joe, located in the downtown League City offers some of the best frozen delights for dogs that you would find in the Greater Houston area. Goodies served here include the amazing Hawaiian shaved ice filled with cream and Frosty Paws Frozen Peanut Butter Treats. It’s a great place to pamper your pets and watch their joy as they lick out the wonderful special treats.

6. The Ultimate in Pet Pampering

The luxurious Post Oak has special amenities for pets coming for a visit. General Manager Steven Chou confirms that their facility is designed to make pets feel pampered while they are there. The amenities include a custom dog park fitted with plenty of fire hydrants, plush pet beds, welcome treats, food and water bowls, and a special room service meal. The menu is chopped fillet mignon and banana bread exclusively for furry friends.

7. A Caring Cat-sitter

Superior Sitting, owned by Caroline Buchalter, is a safe haven for cats. She opened up this fabulous place in 2015, driven by some unpleasant personal experiences. She says that once she came home and found everything in a mess. From this experience, she went forward to provide an amazing place for cats. At present, she has over 300 clients entrusting her with their cats.

8. Something for the Birds

Adventure in Birds, founded by Jean Jordan, helps bird owners with tips to handle their big birds most appropriately. They help to choose the best accommodations that will allow big birds to flap their wings, walk and stretch. They also have a great selection of toys for birds.

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