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F45 is the Newest Craze in Nashville Workouts

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Why is the Introduction of F45 Training in Nashville Important?

The name F45 is self-explanatory. The “F” part in the name signifies “Functional Training,” while the 45 starts for the length (number of minutes) of every class. This exercise program promises to offer a synergized effect by combining the following features.

  1. High-Intensity Interval Training
  2. Circuit Training to Shed More than 750 Calories in Every 45-Minutes Session

This training comes with an excellent database of four thousand movements and thirty-six different workouts. As a result, each class is different from another. Thanks to Rachel Sigler, formerly a non-profit development director, this effective training program is now introduced in Nashville. The first center for F45 training is located inside the Eastside Heights Apartment Building in East Nashville.

How F45 Came to Nashville

Rachel Sigler came to know about the excellent features and efficacy of F45 exercises online. She wanted to be a part of this program immediately. Unfortunately, there was no option to avail of this functional and high-intensity workout training in Nashville.

Taking one step further, she got in touch with their corporate office to check on their plans to open a facility in Nashville. Much to her disappointments, they said that they had no such plan for the near future.

However, they gave her a brilliant opportunity and suggested she shoulder the responsibility of introducing this training format in Nashville. In other words, they asked her to be the torchbearer of the change.

At that point in time, Sigler was searching for a place to work out and remain fit. She did not have any plan to purchase a fitness studio. However, the suggestion to open an F45 facility in Nashville deeply motivated her. She could not abandon the idea and started working on a business plan. That's how it all began!

Know the Details

As already mentioned, every F45 training class is different from another. So, there is no scope for boredom or feeling demotivated. This is beneficial for people like Sigler, who looks for variety and innovations in their workout sessions. She says, “I can’t just run on a treadmill for an hour. I’m the kind of person who needs that change to keep it fresh and to keep me engaged.”

At Nashville F45 training center, cardio workouts take place three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). Another three days (Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday) are dedicated to resistance training. The hybrid classes held on Saturdays often feature a live DJ. With these variations, your fitness regime throughout the week should be sorted and fun-filled.

Every F45 class comprises a series of timed sessions where you can do exercises that replicate everyday movements such as pulling, pushing, and squatting. These sessions will increase your flexibility. Each station at the facility features a demonstrative video to tutor each participant through every move. Further, the classes are conducted in the presence of two hands-on trainers who guide every participant with form and offer motivation.

Training Programs for the Beginners and Pro

Another benefit of this training program is that the intensity of every workout session can be adjusted according to the fitness level of a participant. As a result, from a beginner to a professional athlete, everyone can be a part of F45 training.

In the words of Sigler, “The beauty of F45 is that everything can be modified. Our trainers can push people to go further and help modify [the movements.].”

She further adds that the team training atmosphere at F45 is great. No ego clashes or judgmental mentality is encouraged there. There is no mirror to stop people from becoming unnecessarily conscious. Finally, the main objective of this training program is to build camaraderie among the community and encourage inclusive practices.

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