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Restaurant with a Unique Mission Opens on Botham Jean Boulevard in Dallas, Texas

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There is something extremely unique about the new restaurant, The Five Experience in the Cedars. It was created by Bishop Omar Mulidna Jahwar, who recently left us because of COVID-19. As you walk in you will notice that it exudes a spiritual feeling. It comes with a stage at the front with concert-style lighting to further add to its appeal. Above the stage you will see “Bishop Omar Jahwar” in shiny letters. Plus, it has a photo of the smiling preacher, dressed in a vibrant red shirt with a cross around his neck near the stage.

It is like any regular restaurant but has a distinct mission. It is built on Christian values and offers Southern brunch dishes such as chicken and waffles. It also serves Italian delicacies like chicken alfredo pasta. People will also love cream spinach stuffed salmon there. The customers do not have to worship, but they are bound to feel a spiritual vibe. Jahwar’s younger sister, Fayth Jefferson, says, “It will always be a positive place.”

Bishop Omar Mulidna Jahwar and The Five Experience

Omar Mulidna Jahwar was an activist and Kingdom War Legacy Church Christian Minister. He procured the lease on the spot that was formerly known as Full Circle Tavern. It was before the days of the pandemic, and unfortunately, the plan to open the restaurant was stopped more than once. However, Jahwar often recorded his Sunday services from the restaurant’s stage with an empty room.

Unfortunately, the father of four died on 11th March 2021 due to Covid-19 complications. He had been in the hospital for the last six months due to health issues. The sister of this 47-year preacher, Jefferson, says that “The unthinkable happened.” But his dream has been realized posthumously. Standing in the restaurant, Jefferson announces, “We’re here now. And we are moving his vision forward.” She further added, “Every seed he planted, he left somebody to nurture it and water it.”

Omar was inspired by his dad, Larry Jefferson. He was a pastor and operated a Christian restaurant named The Butterfly Place in the 90s in Dallas. Jahwar worked with his father for years before becoming a Christian minister.

· Naming the Restaurant

The restaurant got its name from the five principles dear to Omar Jahwar. He believed in:

  1. Social Interaction
  2. Social Services
  3. Social Networking
  4. Improved Worship Experiences
  5. Soul Winning, which is described by Jefferson as “gaining souls through Christ”

Jefferson further added that the idea of The Five is that teaching and preaching these tenets can bring the “kingdom of heaven to Earth.”

Going Forward

The Five Experience hosted Best Friends and Brunch on Sunday, 1st May. The event featured the band, Soulful Sounds. While Jahwar was not be there to cherish the food and share a spiritual brunch with friends and strangers, Jefferson thinks that he would be proud. She is taking charge of the restaurant with the assistance of executive chef Keyonna Grant and executive manager Jasmine Howard.

Anita, the preacher’s wife of 20 years, has taken over his ministry as pastor-elect at Kingdom War Legacy Church.

Making the Mission Successful

The restaurant has joined hands with Café Momentum, a group known for giving jobs to young men and women who were once the residents of juvenile facilities. Many of the restaurant’s servers and cooks are the interns of Café Momentum. The preacher’s friends and family said that this association would have made Jahwar extremely happy. He was behind a gang intervention program called Vision Regeneration. That program evolved into a bigger endeavour called Urban Specialists, which was aimed at stopping violence.


The menu has been created by Chef Grant. She made the menu based on her French culinary background from Le Cordon Bleu. The Five Experience will be the spot for breakfast and brunch, especially on weekends. The guests will also be entertained with music and dinner in the evenings.

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