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Strength Training is Critical for Endurance-Chicago Athletes

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Chicago has a thriving endurance athlete community. The city hosts hundreds of individual races every year. It also hosts the second-largest marathon in the world. Chicago athletes confirm that strength training is critical for endurance.

Every single stride needs a small amount of strength. At a slower pace, less strength is required to move forward. Nonetheless, strength is necessary to keep moving. Several studies show a marked improvement in running ability after a brief strength training program. Even for seasoned athletes, there was a reduction in race time.

Protection from Injuries

Perhaps, the greatest advantage of strength training is having a more injury-resistant body. Most athletes have to deal with a serious injury once in a while. Typical injuries include the runner’s knee, hamstring strain, lower back pain, or an issue with the Achilles’ tendon. These can be avoided by a simple strength training regime.

Two-three sessions per week to develop physical strength can pay great dividends. Heavy, full range-of-motion barbell exercises are sufficient. With training, bones grow denser, and tendons and ligaments become stronger. Muscles will also develop fully. These changes will ensure that the athlete will have a longer and more rewarding career.

Other Benefits

Strength training also improves posture, besides fat burning and muscle building. It can not only reduce the chances of having an injury but also lessen the impact of the injury. An article published on Coach & A.D. states, “In terms of bone material, progressive resistance training heightens protein and mineral content.” Significant improvements in bone density have been shown after a mere four months of strength training.

The benefits of strength training extend beyond this. It can keep one healthy and fend off major chronic conditions. According to a 2012 paper published in the Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention, muscular strength offers measurable protection against heart diseases. It also helps prevents the body from cancer, obesity, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome.

Besides protecting from chronic ailments, strength training also helps one to age well. It enables muscles to prevent muscle loss caused by reduced levels of muscle building hormones. It also improves the ability to convert food to usable muscles. As people age, it is necessary to have intact muscles to prevent injuries and falls. It also helps with maintaining an optimum hormonal balance within the body. It improves the production of sex hormones and rebalances the body in case of a problem.

The suggested program is simple enough. Doing only five basic barbell exercises two to three times a week can dramatically improve physical strength in as little as ten weeks. You will just have to devote more gym time to make it happen. With the new strength, athletes should be able to see performance benefits for years to come. The benefits are numerous. Consulting with your gym instructor can show you the right direction.

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