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The pandemic has long since taken away the nights of dancing in a club. In what feels like forever, young people everywhere are facing the brunt of widespread restrictions. In this scenario, the newly opened Yes Honey studio in St. Louis is doing all it can to bring back the days of dancing together. The studio opened its doors in December last year. The address is 1519 Tower Grove Avenue, inside Woodward Lofts.

The Purpose

Owner Jenny Hill is a professional in LA and Chicago. She is also the owner of a local necktie company Lonesome Traveler. She had set St. Louis as her next destination. With this in mind, she signed a lease of 25,000 square feet of space on Tower Grove. That was before the pandemic. Even after the pandemic hit, she decided to go forward with her passion project. As for COVID, Yes Honey studio is doing everything to ensure proper safety measures. All instructors and participants wear masks. The studio does temperature screening. Virtual classes are provided on demand.

Hill says that the creation of Yes Honey studio was “almost selfish.” She said, “It really came from this place, ‘I love dance so much.’” Her motivation for the studio was to offer exercises she herself would enjoy. With this idea, she sat down and created the design for what her ideal workout should be.

She says that everyone should be moving their bodies in some shape or form. She wanted to create a space where everyone feels welcome. The goal of Yes Honey is to encourage people to get together and move their bodies. Hill says she wants participants to feel positive and not have any other goal in mind.
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The Process

Two types of classes are offered at the studio. These are ‘Yes Strength’ and ‘Yes Move.’ Yes Strength offers an hourly session focusing on a specific muscle group. It includes mini bands, bodyweight exercises, and 2 lb hand weights.

Yes Move offers a cardio dance class. Participants follow the instructor for 30 to 35 minutes. The session consists of a warm-up, cool-down, and meditation. Yes Move classes also include ten minutes of strength training in it.

The high-energy dance classes are conducted with songs ranging from pop to hip hop to American Top 40. Hill has encouraged the instructors to teach in whatever dance genre they feel comfortable with. This ensures that there is an element of pleasant surprise. Participants never know what kind of dance they are going to have that day. She says that if a trainer wants to come in and do a Latin-style dance, it is very much possible.

Hill says that Yes Honey studio offers a space to follow along with the dances you see on Tik Tok or Instagram. She adds that it should feel nice to be invited to a space where you are allowed to look however you want. She said, “You might feel silly doing it, but once you are doing it, you can do a lot more than you thought you could.”

The Place

Inside the studio, you can find a hint of the 80’s aerobics class color scheme. The studio has been decorated with pastel colors. The high loft ceiling creates an open, airy atmosphere. The imagery of the brand was created by Matt Dale, a local graphic designer. The images featuring the dancers of the studio were clicked by photographer Joe Martinez. These images adorn its walls, creating an ambiance of inclusiveness.

The name of the studio and the classes came from the idea of saying “yes” even in a year filled with “no.” Hill sincerely hopes that Yes Honey will be a space for everyone to come together, have fun, and dance. Anyone can join in, irrespective of their athleticism and skill levels.

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