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Altitude Training Studio at Gym in Denver

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Altitude training, co-working spaces and high- end gyms are huge in Denver nowadays. Considering this, Jim Gerber and Kris Peters planned to start a fitness center that will have it all. They named the center “Traverse Fitness”, and they give working out in the Mile High City a new definition. Let us have a look at the high-end facilities at this 1100 square feet enclosed exercise studio.

Making the Maximum of Your Training Session

The high-intensity training offered at Traverse Fitness is perfectly aided by the amenities and infrastructure. It can create an unbelievable altitude range between sea level and 20,000 feet. The air inside is highly controlled and 100% sterile. For the uninitiated, the sterile air is either hypoxic (low in oxygen) or hyperoxic (high in oxygen). So, your body is bound to go through a host of physiological adaptations owing to the simulated altitude inside. As a result, your body is fueled to perform better.

During low altitude training, your body uses supplemental oxygen and thus triggers an improvement in cardiovascular performance. Besides, the physical output of your body is enhanced. Therefore, you can stretch your intense workout sessions longer.

You will experience a decrease in oxygen availability during high-altitude training. This reduced oxygen level causes healthy stress for your body. Your body can now easily adapt to physiological changes. As a result, your endurance, strength, and athletic performance get improved.

Quick Glance at the Benefits of Altitude Training

1. Altitude exercises help muscles to respond well to stress and hence the capillarization is increased compared to training at normal altitudes.

2. These exercises facilitate red blood cell and hemoglobin production. So, oxygen transportation within your body is improved.

3. The muscles become able to adapt to the changes related to acid-base balance caused by intense exercises.

You can take part in the altitude training classes at Traverse Fitness on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Cory Richards of Boulder, a high-altitude mountaineer, said, “They’re doing all types of issues there that I feel are actually fascinating.” He has climbed Mount Everest twice, and he plans to conquer the Himalayan Peak of Dhaulagiri in Nepal.

Bringing the Outdoor Within a Confined Space

To cope with the changing fitness scenario post-Covid, Gerber and Peters were looking for some out-of-the-box ideas. Besides, the fitness studio had to bear the brunt of a fire breakout, rebranding, and relocation. The center of attraction at Traverse Fitness is the altitude room. The highest altitude it offers is 20,000 feet, and that is good enough if you are planning to climb the highest peak of North America, Denali in Alaska. The state-of-the-art fitness equipment used at Traverse altitude studio are:

1. Technogym SkillRun Treads

2. Keiser Functional Training Machines

3. Technogym SkillBikes

4. Olympic Power Squat Racks

5. Free weights

6. Boxes, bands, and more

One of the co-founders, Jim Gerber, stated that every athlete or hiker trains to achieve his/her individual performance or fitness goals. However, the training should always be the topmost priority.

Recovery Sessions

Along with the strenuous altitude sessions, Traverse also conducts sports recovery classes. There is a dedicated space with amenities such as Normatec compression sleeves and Zero Gravity chairs to prevent injury, heal pain and relieve stress. The founders believe that the performance of an athlete does not solely depend on training. There needs to be a perfect balance between training and recovery. Further, this balance is necessary to avoid the physiological and psychological stress caused by intense exercises.

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