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Best Rock Climbing Facilities in Denver

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Our busy lifestyle and stressful regime prompt us to find some unique ways to stay fit. Often, we find the regular workout classes boring. Nothing can be greater if some fun element can be fused into the daily fitness sessions. The indoor rock climbing gyms in Denver have been gaining popularity for a while now. These facilities are also quite popular among enthusiasts who want to learn the basics of rock climbing outdoor.

From beginners to professionals, these climbing gyms are ideal for all. These rock gyms provide the members with a varied range of difficulty levels and basic instructional sessions. Have a look at the best rock climbing facilities in Denver and gear up for some serious adrenaline rush!

Mountain Strong

Mountain strong aims to make you stronger than you were yesterday. This fitness gym motivates you to push your boundaries to be in the best of your health. Any beginner or professional athlete can train there. Besides, the trainers there believe that hard work and sweat are therapeutic.

There the rock climbing classes make a climber skilled both mentally and physically. Also, the training method is quite systematic. Usually, two or three days in a week are dedicated to conditioning based around climbing fitness. The other 2/3 days are reserved for learning climbing-related movements. The trainers help every climber take the strength and power developed on the conditioning days and apply it on the walls.

The conditioning days are full of activities such as:

  1. Weight lifting
  2. Running
  3. Rowing
  4. Skiing
  5. Biking
  6. Jumping
  7. Bouldering
  8. Swinging kettlebells
  9. Climbing ropes

Earth Treks

Earth Treks is the newest and the largest rock gym in Denver, welcoming everyone – from novices to experts. It boasts of a 53,000 square feet climbing space. Check out the reasons to know why Earth Treks is a cut above the rest.

  1. The climbing space is packed with bouldering and roped terrain
  2. Also conducts yoga classes
  3. It has private training areas
  4. You can also attend group fitness classes

The gym is often populated with a large number of enthusiasts. But, you will surely find a spot owing to its vast training area.

Denver Bouldering Company

Denver Building Company or DBC has a pool of coaches to help the climbers to achieve their goals. The trainers there impart sports-specific knowledge. Besides, they address your technical and physical weaknesses so that you become an expert climber.

DBC started its journey as a co-operation to build and motivate the climbing community in Denver. Their proud statement “All are welcome” further invites everyone to join without worrying about the level of expertise.

Movement Climbing & Fitness

This climbing-focused gym is also known for conducting fitness and yoga classes. Besides, they offer facilities such as cycling and impart training in cardio exercises.

The climbing facilities of the rock gym offer multiple routes. They have garnered huge respect among the enthusiasts owing to the youth climbing program. Besides, their IFSC World Cup, USA Climbing Sport & Speed National Championships are quite popular.

Rock’n & Jam’n

Rock’n & Jam’n opened its doors for the enthusiasts in 1997 at Thorton. Later, it started operating at Centennial in 2004. It is known for some of the steepest and tallest overhanging climbing terrains. Besides, the climbing terrains have bouldering, top rope, lead climb, and auto belays.

This reputed rock gym also offers climbing-specific training with advanced equipment and cardio lessons. In case you want to be a little competitive, it also has a climbing league.

Ubergrippen Indoor Climbing Crag

Located in northeast Denver, this rock gym brings climbers of all ages together. It features an over 40 feet tall roped climbing area. Besides, it offers a host of activities such as:

  1. Climbing
  2. Bouldering
  3. Yoga
  4. Fitness programs

This gym also has a community patio. Its garden is further perfect for slacklining and other games.

EVO Rock & Fitness

It is known for rope climbs, bouldering, and lead climbing. It also has a yoga space. The cardio and weight equipment further make it a sought-after gym. The main highlight of this gym is that it allows the climbers to do the “real thing.” Their Gym-to-Crag program successfully facilitates the transition.

With growing popularity, this gym is now on the verge of opening 2 new facilities.

  1. EVO Kids in Louisville for youth
  2. EVO Bouldering in Golden for bouldering


Some other popular rock gyms in Denver are Boulder Rock Club and The Spot. With the COVID-19 situation in mind, some gyms are also offering online training programs. These sessions will help you brush up on your skills and improve the fitness level without worrying about the infection. So, what are you waiting for? Get enrolled in any of the rock gyms today! Train hard as the experts prepare you for life’s adventures.

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