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Empty COVID-19 ICU Unit at a Mission Viejo Hospital Brings Relief

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The world is witnessing a ray of hope and optimism as new cases and deaths due to the deadly COVID-19 pandemic decrease. While new strains of the virus are being witnessed every other day in many places, many parts of the world have already started reporting fewer cases every day.

Empty ICU Beds

One such phenomenal incident that has to give California and the USA a new lease of life is fewer hospitalizations and deaths; a hospital in Mission Viejo, California, has now reported an empty ICU COVID unit.

It comes as a sigh of relief as the number of cases started decreasing and the vaccination doses have been opened to the broader public. Also, the cases have been considerably reduced, thereby making it an optimistic situation for one and all. This Southern California hospital has given the health workers a sigh of relief as a huge amount of improvement is being witnessed by the people in general after a whole year of pain, death, and sorrow.

Speaking to one of the ICU nurses, she was on record saying that she now gets goosebumps remembering everything that she witnessed last year at the hospital.

She says that only about a month and a half ago, the ICU wards were filling fast with sick and critically diagnosed COVID-19 patients. Many of them did not even survive to witness the end of this day. However, it is surreal to see how the ward has suddenly gone all quiet.

The hospital authorities and the exclusive jurisdiction of California are now gearing to outperform the further spread of the pandemic. Even though this might look like a small and insignificant achievement compared to the sorrows and miseries of the people around the world, it is a huge first step towards a pain-free world.


Remembering Their Experience

The doctors and nurses of the hospital are hopeful that this new milestone is the beginning of the end of the world's misery with the pandemic. So, to celebrate this little yet momentous victory, every nurse on the team decided to get matching tattoos. According to the reports, the team of 16 members took a unanimous decision to commemorate their experience.

When further asked about the what tattoo they were planning to get, the nurse replied that they would design the tattoo with images of a spear tip as they have named their group as the "tip of the spear," which is the military term referred to as the first group responsible for going out and meeting the enemy. An official statement from the hospital's spokesperson has also come out in this regard that states that the COVID ICU remains as it is, and the team will have to reopen in case any new patient needing the facility comes to the hospital. However, it remains vacant for the time being, thereby giving the health workers a little sigh of relief.

Not The End Yet

It has been almost a year since the declaration of the first state-wide shutdown as ordered by Californian Governor Gavin Newsom due to the pandemic's outburst. However, despite every other point taken into consideration, no one can ever rightfully predict that this marks the eradication of the pandemic completely. This is the very reason why masks are yet mandatory compliance that everyone needs to follow.

However, that has not subdued the reopening and continuity of new life. While other activities are slowly starting to return to normal, Disneyland has announced that it will start functioning with limited crowds towards the end of April. The kids' entertainment zone had shut its doors to the general public since the advent of the pandemic. The airline industry has also reported its best business in months and is hopeful that more people will start traveling in the spring and summer.

The nurse's tattoo is a reminder that they had survived the worst-case scenarios, and if they can get through the worst, they can emerge victorious from any situation.

With many such hospitals reporting lower cases and density of deaths, it is being estimated that pandemic regulations will continue to ease, thereby giving people the much-deserved regular life that they craved for since this time last year.

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