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The word self-care is making headlines in every news platform across all media. The buzzing word propagates the importance of self-care to remain present, committed, and connected. In the 1988 Essay Collection, A Burst of Light, Audre Lorde wrote, "Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare." Radical self-care gives one the power to heal and enter the next phase of life with preparations.

Read on to learn the radical self-care tips from Indiana State University.

Why is this Called Radical?

Some self-care practices do not fall under the typical parameters. These comprise cleaning up negative energies around you, speaking up for yourself and setting clear boundaries. Contrary to the ideas of temporary escape, these try to create a permanent world where you will not be emotionally disturbed.

Why is Radical Self-Care More Important Today?

Radical self-care needs to be promoted even more now. People have been feeling emotionally vulnerable since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020. COVID-19 is making all of us anxious, depressed and stressed. Further, it has created a lot of uncertainty regarding our professional and financial future.

Considering the importance of radical self-care, Indiana State University is inviting preregistration for spring 2021 workshops on the issue. Besides, they will be hosting year-long programs, including panel discussions, open discussions, and other activities.

Make Your Schedule

The primary objective of radical self-care is to keep one mentally and physically fit. Hectic schedules can make anyone stressed or overwhelmed easily. Now, we also have a very vague idea about being successful these days. We consider rushing from one activity to another as a sign of success. Besides, we push ourselves to be omnipotent and omnipresent.

The consequence of these irrational activities is pretty obvious. Our minds and body give up. We experience a massive drop in our energy level. Besides, we tend to take refuge in unhealthy eating habits and other addictions. What can you do under such circumstances?

  1. Reduce your number of commitments
  2. Learn to say "No."
  3. Get clarity in your head about what you can do and what you can't

Remember, doing less is the best method for radical self-care. It's okay not to conform to societal norms sometimes. Ultimately having a fulfilling life is more important. Isn't it so?

Don't Try to Manage Everything

What do we do when we multitask? We create a high-stress environment in our heads. Besides, we end up not finishing a single task properly. Radical self-care helps us focus on one thing at a time. It also teaches us to avoid any distractions.

For example, you can avoid talking over the phone while enjoying a ride in your car. Do not think about managing the kids, making lunch, or other domestic chores while attending an important board meeting.

It isn't easy to follow this norm when one is raised to multitask. But practice will help you have a focused mind and overall soothing experience.


Choose Your Own Life

Do you know what is the biggest problem these days? We all try to fit into the ideal lifestyle created by media and marketing professionals. Ironically, some people try to find happiness in owning the newest car, having the biggest house, or flaunting the best hair.

All of these ideas of success have gifted us the biggest problem of life – stress. In most cases, we don't even know what we want to achieve. We keep running until it has completely wrecked our daily life.

It's important to STOP this right now. It's okay to have a messy house as long as the family members enjoy some fun time. There is no shame in repeating your clothes for various occasions. Remember, sometimes, the old apparels are more comfortable than the new ones. Besides, you can cherish the little achievements in your life when you stop running. Moreover, the more you run, the more you get stuck in the hamster wheel of stress and futility.

If you look for elegance in every sphere of life, this method will be tough for you to adapt. But think. Even the simplest things like taking a longer bath or having some more chocolates can be ways of enjoying your life. Who needs an escape from life now?

Sweat It Out

If you don't have an exercise regime in place, create one. Besides, you can try out yoga and meditation to get rid of stress. Indiana State University is conducting Recreational Sports' Live Zoom Fitness Programs for the students. There are also free apps to monitor your mood and stress levels.


To sum up, radical self-care is getting engaged in something which makes you happy. You never know how some moments of journaling or solving a jigsaw puzzle can elevate your mood. If nothing is working for you at a particular moment, try catching up on your favorite comedy show or visiting Circle Centre Mall, Indiana Premium Outlets, or other fun places in Indiana.

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