6 Ways to Stay Active in Houston as Quarantine Eases

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Do you lack the motivation to get off the couch and exercise? Has the gym been closed in your area since the pandemic started? Are you planning to start a new fitness regime? It's okay to be skeptical about the right ways to stay fit during this time as restrictions are eased. Luckily, if you’re in Houston there is plenty of fitness activities to do! Shed all your inhibitions and start exploring these options today.

1. Workout Classes to Burn Calories

Do you find your daily fitness regime boring? Try out something unique and creative. These new ways of working out will utilize your muscles, increase your core strength and improve your cardiac health. The top options for a workout in Houston are:

  • Rowing: Land-rowing in a group is very motivating. Besides, it utilizes around eighty percent of body muscles when done properly. It is also one of the most effective methods of cardio workouts. Check out the Great Houston Rowing Club.
  • Pound: Who doesn't love air drumming? Pound is the method of using heavy sticks to fuse strength training with drumming. It drives the body to move to a particular rhythm. It's fun. Isn't it? Learn more here.
  • Hoop Dance: Infuse some old-world charm of the 1950s in your fitness regime with hoop dance. A high-energy dance session with hula hoops helps improve balance, flexibility and core strength. Trust us. It's a serious workout for the abs!
  • Booty Barre: This exercise method comprises dance, Pilates, yoga, cardio classes and sculpting. It is even good for people who do not want any impact on the joints for cardio workouts.
  • Body Rolling: With an inflatable ball, body rolling promises to yield multiple benefits. Each ball is color-coded to target a particular muscle group. As you roll the ball between your body and floor, it will align the spine, relax the back, improve breathing, correct posture and enhance balance.

2. How About Some Running?

Running is one of the top fitness things to do in Houston. You will be glad to know that Houston has more than 25 running clubs to choose from and a bounty of great parks to run at. Let's face it, Houston can be hot and humid, but early bird can always avoid the heat, as the morning weather in Houston is pretty charming. How about gearing up for some fun running sessions to lose or maintain weight, strengthen muscles or improve cardiovascular health?

3. Rooftop or Outdoor Yoga Classes

Some of the best gyms in Houston are conducting outdoor yoga classes to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Yoga sessions in a well-ventilated place yield a host of health benefits and rejuvenate the mind. Read on to know how it can be beneficial for you.

  • It improves balance, flexibility and overall strength
  • Offers relief from back pain
  • Heals arthritis problems
  • Makes cardiac health better
  • Good for relaxation and improved sleep
  • Boosts energy
  • Perfect for stress management
  • Promotes better self-care among women

4. Sports Clubs and Social Leagues

Do you need constant motivation to get your exercise on? Houston is the home to many sports and social clubs. Even during COVID-19, these organizations will allow you to maintain your routine with proper safety measures. Most of these have multiple courts so that you can observe proper distance even during playing games indoors. Besides, these come with shock-absorbent floors to avoid fatal injuries.

You can find out more here.


5. Like to Rock Climb?

Do you want to enjoy the thrill of rock climbing indoors? Houston houses plentiful indoor climbing options. It is a unique way to stay in shape. Bunk the mundane traditional gyms and visit a rock gym with state-of-the-art facilities. These fitness centers come with a varied range of difficulty levels and basic instructional sessions. Gear up for some serious adrenaline rush!

Want to know the benefits of indoor climbing? Have a look:

  • Perfect for people of all skill levels
  • You can have some fun time with family
  • You can choose the preferred difficulty
  • It encourages goal-setting and improves your ability to focus

6. Aqua Biking for No Impact on Bones and Joints

Want some real adventure in your workout regime? Opt for aqua biking. For aqua biking, stationary bikes are put in pools; they are asked to adjust the bikes and start pedaling. In basics, it is quite similar to the regular spinning classes. But, it allows you to avoid any impact on bones and joints. Besides, it reduces the lactic acid formation and improves blood circulation. So, you don't feel as fatigued during the strenuous sessions.

Aqua biking also helps you burn up to 800 calories every hour and it eliminates cellulite. Above all, it's fun!


As quaratine eases, outdoor activities are considered to be better according to the safety standards. However, Houston's indoor gyms and workout centers are equipped with adequate amenities, and they are sincere about abiding by the directives for the safety of the members.

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