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How to Maintain Social Distance During Exercise in New York City

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Like the entire world, New York City has also witnessed a sea of change in the last few months because of COVID-19. Many of our fitness regimes have gone out the door. But it is time that we adjust our fitness routines with the new situation. Online or virtual classes are already in place, but there is no one to monitor if you are properly attending those or not. It is easy to skip those sessions and end up gaining a few extra pounds.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of opportunities if you want to exercise in New York City. Moreover, these always help you to abide by the norms and mandates of social distancing. Want to know how to exercise in socially distant ways in New York City? Let us share some ideas with you.

How About Jogging in a Park?

Are you working from home in this pandemic situation? Is the work pressure engulfing you? Try doing some jogging in the nearby park. You will garner some physical benefits as you sweat it out. Besides, the fresh air will refresh your mind. You can even take your pet with you to make the jogging session more enjoyable.

You can choose the beautiful Central Park or any smaller park as the venue for jogging. We have observed that the smaller parks are less crowded and allow you to maintain social distance properly. Start jogging and bolster your fitness routine even during this pandemic!

Increase Core Strength with Barre Classes

In case you are already heading to a park, try out some barre classes there. It has been gaining popularity for years as it helps increase core strength. Now, your favorite fitness studio has closed the doors owing to the spread of Coronavirus. You don’t have to miss the sessions anymore. Some studios are conduction barre classes outdoor.

You can maintain an adequate distance from each other and enjoy the fresh air with the classes being held in parks. Remember, the number of slots available is limited owing to the social distancing norms. So, book your spot in advance today!

Make the Most of Visiting a Park with Body Weight Programs

You have done jogging and barre classes in the park. What next? Have you seen the bars and beams along the sidewalk in the park near you? This equipment is ideal for a result-driven and safer workout session. Enthusiasts will know that these amenities allow you to use your body weight as the resistance instead of dumbbells. Push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, pull-ups, and other bodyweight programs will not let you miss your gym.

Some Adrenaline Rush with Water Sports

Planning to bunk the boring fitness regimes and looking for something exciting? You stay in New York City, surrounded by water. How about trying some water sports? The options are plenty. You can go for a paddleboard ride across the river. Besides, nothing can match the excitement of a water-skiing session.

These sports also score quite high on COVID-19 safety parameters. The water bodies are vast. You can easily maintain the suggested distance from each other there. Further, these will help you enjoy the beauty of the city from a different point of view.

Yoga Sessions for Physical and Mental Wellness

Yoga classes help you stay physically fit and allow you to get rid of mental stress. Many studios are conducting yoga sessions on the rooftop. This initiative has been taken to coordinate the classes in a properly ventilated and distanced space. These classes become even more rejuvenating as you enjoy a top view of the city’s beautiful landscape.

Most of the studios conduct the classes in a particular space, while some prefer traveling classes. Make sure you know the exact venue beforehand to avoid confusion.

Dance it Out

Do you find the regular fitness sessions boring? You can attend dance classes to stay in shape and have some fun. COVID-19 has completely changed the way the studios used to function. They are now allowing limited members for every session and maintaining proper safety measures.

Stay Fit and Stop COVID-19

The fitness opportunities in New York City are never-ending. You can even opt for some functional training, bike riding, spin classes, and brisk walking. We must remember that we need to remain fit even if the situations have changed. Besides, we cannot invite obesity and other health issues by skipping fitness routines in the name of COVID-19 restrictions.

If you are a COVID-19 survivor, get back to the fitness regime slowly (consult your doctor before beginning any fitness program). Make sure you do not cause further harm to your lungs and heart.

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