Educators Get 11% COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation in Los Angeles County

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Los Angeles County officials allocate over 31 thousand COVID-19 vaccines for the teachers including the educators in L.A. Unified School District. However, this allocation constitutes only 11% of the total allocation of 2,700,000 vaccines. Limited supply has left people frustrated. However, public officials have asked people to keep calm in these trying times. They are also taking necessary measures for stopping the ineligible vaccine seekers who want to break the queue and get the shots before others.

The county is going to host the inoculation of almost 1,000,000 first-time recipients as nearly 1,800,000 more people await vaccination on Monday March 1st, 2021. But this process will only take place once the second time immunizations are done according to the appointments.

L.A. Unified Vaccination Site Gears Up

Los Angeles Unified opens one of the nation’s largest immunization sites at the home of SoFi Stadium, Inglewood’s Hollywood Park. Specifically, the teachers will get vaccinated through this initiative on Monday, 1st March. The clinic will conduct health check-ups, Coronavirus tests and vaccinations using a tool accessible in mobile phones, tablets and computers. This host of activities will be done with LAUSD’s daily pass, a data system.

The Eligible Groups and Vaccine Appointments for the Next Phase

Teachers, school staffs, childcare professionals and emergency service providers fall under the newly eligible group for vaccination. Appointments will be offered at the county vaccination sites in the first week. People belonging to these categories can visit MYTurn.Ca.Gov or call 833-540-0473 for booking the appointment.

Fortunately, the next phase of inoculation rollout does not solely depend on the state’s appointment system. Local pharmacies, clinics and hospitals have been roped in to solve the crisis. Besides, the recipients need to exhibit a photo identification proof (not necessarily issued by the government) to validate they are either residing or working in L.A. The recipient will also have to a show a proof that they work in an eligible category.

The Vaccination Process

In spite of the structured planning, the health officials anticipate some challenges during the vaccination process. Dr. Paul, the Chief Science Officer for the Department of Public Health said to a circulation, “We do anticipate that next week will be a learning process.” He further added, “We’re hoping it will go as smoothly as possible but there may be some midcourse corrections if we see anything of concern.”

The process of vaccination will be provided to closed groups. Specific work sites and schools will designate different days for the different work groups at the county’s mega pod sites. Saturdays will be allocated for the vaccination of childcare workers at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles site. Sunday will be reserved for independent and private schools.

Vaccination in L.A County So Far and the Way Forward

Around 2 million vaccines have been administered in L.A so far. This number includes the 600,000+ shots given to the people aged 65 years and above, health care workers and people residing in assisted living facilities. However, the public health officials are finding it difficult to strike the balance between administering second time doses and expanding more doses among the first-time recipients. More people cannot be immunized if there is no increase in the supply of vaccines.

However, the Food and Drug Administration approved a new Johnson & Johnson vaccine on Friday. These vaccines need only a single dose. Gavin Newsom, the governor of California said that the state is expecting around 3.8 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine by next week. Besides, these vaccines are easy to handle as these do not require any ultra-cold storage. Moreover, this feature will make the Johnson & Johnson shots easily available in smaller clinics according to some public health officials.

Latest COVID-19 Situation in L.A County

The reports on Friday, 26th noted 144 additional deaths and 1,838 new cases of COVID-19 infection in L.A County. Besides, 1,733 people were taken to the hospital owing to critical health conditions. Now, the total number of deaths stands at 21,241 and the cases of infection at 1,189,232.

The health officials are hopeful that the vaccine supply numbers will witness an immediate increase. This will further help them facilitate the immunization process and stop the spread of virus.

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