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Let’s face it, a Disney vacation is expensive and can cost thousands of dollars for you and your family. Sometimes, people will be saving for multiple years to afford a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Everyone likes to save money, so I’ll be sharing some top tips on how to save on booking your next Disney vacation.

My first tip is to shop around. Don’t just look at the official Disney World website and be done with your purchase, take a look at a variety of websites and contact some different travel agents, and you’ll be surprised at the price difference that can be found.

Our next tip is pretty obvious, but you should try to travel during the off-peak season. Although it can get pretty crowded all year round, try to avoid national holidays, spring break, and summer holidays. The cheapest time to book your Disney vacation is January-March, September, and the first couple of weeks in December. Although ticket prices won’t change, you could save over 50% on Disney hotel rates, which could result in a significant saving. Just take a look at these prices for the exact same hotel with the same amount of people and tickets, and you can see how much you could save!

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For tip number three, you should skip the park-hopper perk when purchasing your tickets. With the way Walt Disney World is operating, for each day of your vacation, you will need to reserve a park entry before you arrive at your resort. Although park-hopping has been re-introduced recently, that can’t guarantee that you will be able to visit multiple parks in one day. If a full day at a single park seems too much, you can take a break at your resort and then return to the same park at a later time. So by not having the park hopper perk, you could save over $100 per person for a 7-day pass, which can really add up if you are traveling with a big family!

Tip number four is to stick with the standard room. If you are staying at a Value or Moderate resort, upgrading your room won’t make a huge difference unless you are looking for a particular theme. With so much to do at the Walt Disney World resort, most people only use their hotel to sleep and maybe a half-day chilling at the swimming pool, and all the Disney resorts have great facilities, so if you want to save money, then I would suggest booking a standard room. Check out these price differences for a standard room compared with upgraded rooms at the same hotel and you could save between $30-$230 dollars per night, which could mean a saving of over $1000 on your vacation which could go towards other expenses like flights and food.

Avoid the deluxe hotels if you're traveling on a budget.Magicguides.com

Our final tip is …check out the deals that Disney is offering. If you go to the main Disneyworld website, you can click on the tab marked ‘Places to Stay’ and then ‘View Special Offers’ this will show all the current promotions that Disney has available for their hotel stays and ticket offers. Even though the deals are on the Disney website, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get it through any other website or travel agent, which brings us back round to our first tip, shop around! Always check a few different companies before making your final purchase, as you never know how much you could save!

So to do a quick experiment, using all the tips from this article, for the same Disney resort, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort for two adults and two children, and a 7-day pass into the parks for each guest, and I was able to save over $1500 on my next Disney vacation!

Please share any other tips for saving on a Disney trip in a comment down below, so everyone can benefit when booking their next Disney vacation.

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