An Extremely Underrated Park Amidst The Famous Parks Of Emerald City!

Seattle would seldom come second when it comes to nature gifted sites and especially parks. Visiting the famous and crowded parks sometimes gets a little overwhelming for me; therefore, every once in a while, I try to explore a new site that is not as famous so that I can refresh myself in a serene and natural environment.

So a few days ago, I got to visit this amazing park, Dr.Jose Rizal Park. Located in the Beacon Hill neighborhood, this park has some of the most aesthetic views of South Downtown and Elliot Bay on offer. The park has a dog-off leash area at the north end and picnic tables, restrooms, and a small play area at the other.

Moreover, as I said before, since this place isn't that famous, you would seldom find this place to be as crowded as some of the other famous parks such as discovery park or Olympic Sculpture Park. As a result, this park is a near-perfect location for guys who want to escape their lives for a little while and enjoy and refresh a bit in a calm and serene environment.

I suggest you give this place a shot before it gets explored and found out by most locals and loses its real natural charm as I don't really know about the park management and whether it would sustain heavy crowds in the future.

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