Here’s How To Deal With Conflicts With Parents! Possibly A Few Things No One Has Ever told you!

Like all other people in the world, I’m also the one who had many conflicts with my parents. Whether they are my choice of clothes, where we spend our vacations, where we should dine out, and my proposals, I’ve had a conflict with them from every tiny to the big thing. But conflicts are the things that get along. So, we must try to put an end, or start accepting or dealing with the conflicts with our parents. The most important thing is respecting their point of view. If they disagree doesn’t mean they are wrong or you are wrong. It’s merely because of the generation gap, your, and their different experiences. First, I think carefully about the reason for conflict and respect their point of view. I always avoid maintaining stubborn silence. I guess if it’s necessary to communicate my concern, I start with respectfully addressing it. I believe the justification and understanding made with respect and politeness helps a lot. Other times I do avoid arguments when it isn’t worth it, accept the conflict, and move on. But, amidst any of the conflicts, I try to be considerate and think about how they might feel or may get hurt. I respect their concerns whether they agree or disagree, and this makes life easier. Lastly, forgiving myself and my parents for any conflict I’ve had is important because this thing helps me move forward and be at peace with myself.

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