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Late last month, I was getting bored of my hectic everyday routine, and I wanted to break free from the loop for a while. So I planned with my friend to go out for an outing. My friend suggested we visit the Museum Of Pop Culture, ensuring that we will have a lot of fun. We went to the museum on the weekend, and it was a fun experience. Museum Of Pop Culture is unlike most museums. It consists of history and exhibits related to music, celebrities, and other pop cultures. We had pre-booked our tickets, and so we escaped the hectic ticket buying process. The museum was operating at a 25% capacity that was perfect considering the need to implement social distancing during these challenging times.

Moreover, the museum had scintillating exhibits which were truly aesthetically pleasing. Every exhibit was full of history and entertainment but, My friend and I loved the Kurt Cobain exhibit the most. It was nice to learn more about him and see some of his letters and lists. Moreover, the place is big enough to have you exploring it for a good part of 2 hours. Lastly, the museum has excellent management that has kept the place neat and clean and has managed the placement of exhibits ever so nicely. Our experience at the Museum Of Pop Culture was stellar, and although the experience comes at the back of a hefty price, it is undoubtedly an experience worth it.

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