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I had never visited the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park because I didn't think it had much to offer. I mean, it's about the gold rush; what more does it has to offer other than that people came here, looked for gold, and left. But, all of it changed last week when I visited the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. Although I was there for a conference, I went to visit the place with a few of my colleagues; I was glad to take this trip. The museum isn't that big as it just comprises two floors but had a great collection of informative material about the Kolandalike Gold Rush. The museum staff was friendly and cooperative. They made sure that the Covid safety guidelines were being followed strictly. From my experience, I would suggest watching the movie at the beginning before checking out the museum. Our guide was very well-informed and shared the significant role that Seattle played during the gold rush in shaping up America's future. The museum is curated very expertly and provides you with useful insights about the famous Gold Rush. Furthermore, it also explains how the people were coming from almost all over the globe to this port city of Seattle. I liked the small gift shop, which houses items and souvenirs related to the Gold Rush. Overall it was a very informative trip, and I learned so much more about the Gold Rush and how it transformed the America we live in today.

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