Get One Of The Freshest Seafoods At Pike Place Fish Market!

Being a seafood lover, I can never have enough of it. When I got to know about the Pike place fish market, I was so glad I found an authentic place to get my seafood. Although I visited the place in the afternoon, still the quality and the texture felt extremely fresh. They had a variety of seafood, and I picked my favorite fishes from there. The seafood was fresh to the extent that it seemed alive. The way they were preserving the fishes was terrific. There were name and price tags mentioned on each seafood variety, making it easy for me to spot. The crabs were stored in water tanks, and they were providing fresh crabs too. I also picked some meat varieties from there. When I brought it home and cooked it, it was so juicy and tasteful. I also stored some things for a week, and upon cooking, they still tasted the same as I cooked the first day. A few weeks later, I also ordered online from Pike place fish market, and they shipped it overnight to my place. The ice-cold packaging was so cold that the contents didn’t leak. The order arrived chill and was ready to cook. Since then, I’ve ordered multiple times, and not a single time, I’ve found an issue with the seafood they provide. I must say it is the one best places to get fresh and healthy seafood.

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