A Movie Perfectly Explaining How A Bit Of Your Love And Attention Can Go A Long Way In Someone's Life.

When watching movies, my first choice is to go for inspirational movies. A few days back, I got to saw this inspirational movie named The Blindside. This movie depicts the story of Michael Oher. Being a son of a drug-addicted mother, he went through a tough time in his childhood. Not going to school and the absence of his mother's attention worsened his condition. By a stroke of luck, he ended up being admitted to a private Christian School. He used to find ways to stay away from his mother and sleep on the streets. Leigh Anne is a matriarch of the Tuohy family and a devout Christian, and she played the most significant part in helping Michael attain success. One fine day Leigh Anne picked him, took him home, and kept him with family. She began to search his records and explained to him how to play in the field. That is where the career Michael took a turn. After Getting guidance, love, and attention from someone, Michael realized his potential as a student and a football player. The film ended by saying that he'll become a professional player later on. This is how love and attention and making others realize their potentials can help them be a successful member of society.

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