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A Splendid Gym With Scintillating Environment And A Community Like No Other!

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Covid had made me a little overweight because I hadn’t done much physical exercise, so I decided to join a gym for a while. Although I hadn’t joined a gym on a permanent basis until now due to my job timings, I decided to take the hard pill and join it for a couple of months to get myself back in shape. I began my search for a suitable gym and found our Flow Fitness. I took a monthly pass and gave it a go. Thankfully my decision came good, and I loved every minute at the gym. The gym had a nice, neat, and clean environment, and I never saw the place crowded to the extent where social distancing might be challenging to observe. Moreover, the gym had excessive free weights and top-notch machines and a terrific community always geeing up each other. The trainers at Flow Fitness changed my overall look in such a short amount of time by proposing me suitable workout routines based on my body and lifestyle.

Flow Fitness sure is a fitness freak delight, and I would have loved to extend my tenure if my job timings would have supported a little more.

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Seattle, WA

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Seattle, WA

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The barber that I had been having a cut from left the city, and now I was caught in no man’s land. I had a terrible experience with hair salons until I met my previous barber, but after more than six years of haircutting experience with the person, he left the city, which was quite a big shock for me. After getting over the shock, I realized that I had to find a new barber, and so I took google’s help and searched for the best hair salons in Seattle. I didn’t want to take any risk, and so I decided that I would pay no matter what to get my desired haircut. After going through the reviews of different top-drawer hair salons, I chose Windy’s Barber Lounge. I booked an appointment and went there the next day. As soon as I stepped into the salon, I was caught by the place’s cozy ambiance, and it seemed that all my nervousness faded up for some reason. Windy greeted me splendidly and asked me about my hair preference. I explained to her the hairstyle I prefer, and she remained attentive throughout my explanation. She began her work soon after I finished explaining her. It probably was the longest that it took for me to get a haircut, but it was all worth it. Windy did my hair with sheer precision and finesse. It was also great talking to Windy and knowing a bit about her. By the way, she is an even better human being than a top-notch hairstylist. I was also happy to pay the haircut price with satisfaction, which was reasonable anyway, considering their high-class service. It was great to have chosen the Windy’s Barber Lounge, and I believe that I have found myself another barber whom I could entrust my hairs in years to come.

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