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Food Network Champion Chef Restaurant in San Diego - Sugar and Scribe

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Sugar and Scribe is an award winning bakery and restaurant featuring breakfast and lunch from the Food Network Champion, Maeve Rochford, who is their executive chef. Sugar and Scribe is a cute little spot in one of the small plazas of La Jolla with a decent amount of parking. I have personally never had any trouble getting parking here, but during busy times, it might be more of a challenge as parking can be difficult outside of the plaza.

Sugar and Scribe is one of my favorite brunch and lunch places to date. Their menu is not huge but has enough great options to have a very satisfying meal. They also have an absolutely adorable bakery area with lots of handmade goodies and sweet treats that all look so amazing. They have anywhere from their beautifully decorated cakes to pastries like croissants and even cookies, muffins, and pretty much anything sweet you could think of, they have.
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I think the thing that stands out the most about them has to be their drinks! They have super extravagant and cute drinks like their Sugar and Scribe hot chocolate with housemade marshmallows, the strawberry cloud, and so many other variations of coffee and tea. But the BEST of the BEST here has to be their lemon lavender mimosa! They serve multiple flavors of mimosas and you can get them in a flight, which is super cool. But I have tried most of the flavors and they are all still pretty good, but from all my experiences and all the times going with different friends, the lemon lavender mimosa is still undefeated in being the star of the show and definitely the greatest of all time, hands down the best thing they have here that you can not easily find elsewhere. Yes, lavender mimosas are hardly unique and are rather common these days, but I have yet to try one that is as good as this one, and trust me, I have had several lavender mimosas elsewhere. You know how when you first start drinking an alcoholic beverage it is usually pretty good but as you really get into the drink and you are approaching the end of it, it starts becoming quite dreadful and the relatively pleasant taste you tasted before is long gone? Well, the lemon lavender mimosa is amazing all the way through. And instead of getting a flight of different flavor mimosas, I personally opt to get all lemon lavender flavor, it is just that good. I did get some surprised reactions, but I did not regret it at all. I enjoyed all four cups of the lemon lavender mimosa in the mimosa flight through and through.
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We also thoroughly enjoyed the butter poached lobster eggs benedict. They are definitely generous with their lobster here but I would not say this was one of their best. It was slightly on the blander side in my opinion but the amount of lobster kind of makes up for it.

One thing I did really enjoy was their lobby roll which is their version of the lobster roll with lots of Maine lobster on their lovely, fluffy butter roll. Again, they are super generous with the lobster serving on this dish and I really enjoyed the flavor they chose to add to the lobster. I like the added tanginess which made the lobster more enjoyable and less monotonous. The bun was amazing and complemented the lobster perfectly.

I am honestly not where which dish comes with this, but their side of potatoes were so good. They are not in the form of fries or wedges or chips, but instead they are kind of baked and they are so soft and have a great flavor to them. I personally love potatoes and I do like a soft potato so maybe that is why I enjoyed it so much, but I would definitely recommend it. It is a small thing but it is something that stood out to me personally.

There has not really been anything that I do not like from this place, but I can not really think of anything else that stood out to me a lot like the other things that I mentioned. They have a selection of skillets, salads, sandwiches, pancakes, and more. I personally think this place excels a little more in the sweets department, I mean they do have a full bakery going on so it makes sense.

Sugar and Scribe also hosts dinners for major holidays. This past weekend they hosted a lovely Halloween themed dinner with awesome decoration and a curated meal with five course, including one dessert, plus an appetizer. I would not say the meal is spectacular but there were some really great highlights like their paté toast appetizer and their sweet potato bread pudding dessert.

They are planning to host a Hogwarts themed Christmas party which sold out last year and even got on the news for their extremely long lines. So if you are interested, check them out and follow them on Instagram to stay in the know when they are hosting another dinner.

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