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Mexican Food and Margarita Spot in Seaport Village, San Diego - Margarita's Kitchen and Cantina

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Margarita’s Kitchen and Cantina is a San Diego restaurant located in the beautiful Seaport Village in Downtown, San Diego. They specialize in fresh margaritas and authentic Mexican cuisine from Oaxaca and Michoacan. They started as a small Mexican restaurant and has since become an award-winning dining location in the city of San Diego. All their food is cooked with fresh, locally sourced produce. The ambiance here is very lively and energetic and there is plenty of outdoor seating along with other restaurants and dessert shops nearby. The restaurant is right next to ocean so there is a lovely ocean view with some live music and tourist landmarks and shops.

For our meal, we tried their al pastor taco, super nachos, carne asada chimichanga, and their corn elote. Overall, all the good was great, very fresh, and definitely very fulfilling and hardy. We also tried their frozen margaritas, of course, as that is what they’re known for! For this meal, we tried their lime frozen margarita, but they also have a strawberry flavor one.

First of all, their al pastor taco is made with delicious al pastor meat (lots of it) that tastes very fresh and flavorful in a soft-shell tortilla and some diced onions and shredded parsley. Overall, I would say these were very meaty and flavorful and the onion and parsley were a great addition to it. However, I thought the tortilla was a bit thick and on the drier side so it was rather heavy to eat. I think it would’ve been nice if there was something to dip it in, however, I understand that now all tacos come with a dip.

We then tried their super nachos which were loaded in melted queso cheese, fresh tomato salsa, guacamole, and sour cream. Their guacamole is made fresh, in-house with fresh and locally sourced ingredients so you know you’re getting that good stuff instead of refrigerator guacamole in a tub. I really enjoyed these, there was plenty of cheese to go around for each tortilla chip which is a major deciding factor for nachos for me. I could use more guacamole, however, but I always want more guacamole if possible because I’m obsessed with avocado. I loved the fresh tomato salsa and the sour cream is a classic. They also put jalapenos on the side without needing to you ask which is awesome, and their jalapenos are super crispy and fresh, definitely a lovely addition to the dish.

Next up is their carne asada chimichanga which is basically like a really meaty burrito covered in sauce and cheese. I thought the flavors were quite delicious and mixed together very well. However, I thought it was a bit too meat-forward for me, there was literally nothing else but meat, sauce, cheese and tortilla. But I should’ve known what to expect when I ordered it so that was on me, but for those who liked chimichangas, like my friend, it was really good. My friend really enjoyed it so I would recommend it if you like really meat and hardy food.

Last but not least, we tried their corn elote. This was my first time trying elote so I’m not sure if all elote is supposed to taste similar. But this elote was a bit sour and a bit savory. I thought it was quite pleasant and I love corn so I enjoyed it. It was a little too sour for my personal liking, and it was also a little spicy, but very doable still. I think this is a great, refreshing side dish to accompany your Mexican meal and it’s also a great finger food or snack for you to eat as you walk along the ocean or around the shops in Seaport Village.

As for drinks, we ordered their lime flavored frozen margarita, which was quite pleasant and very refreshing and lemon-y. I personally really enjoyed it and since it was frozen it was especially refreshing to drink as you walk or with your meal since Mexican food can be a bit heavy sometimes. I liked that it was pretty sour but the sour was balanced with a nice sweetness so it wasn’t overwhelmingly sour like some lemonades can be sometimes.

Overall, this was a very fulfilling meal with a great variety. They have a very extensive menu that can satisfy all your cravings. They also have a wide variety of different meats for you to choose from. I definitely recommend this place for a date or for a group of friends. Not only is there great food all around and nearby, but there is also plenty of entertainment and places to walk around before or after your meal. Next time I will definitely try their fish tacos, I can’t believe I missed them this time!

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