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New Revolving Sushi Restaurant in San Diego - Mikami

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Mikami Revolving Sushi is a relatively new revolving sushi spot to San Diego in the Convoy District near the Lolita's and Katsu Cafe. They have a lot of options, from the sushi on the revolving conveyer belt to the menu items that you can order on their iPad, and that includes items other than just sushi. They also offer a variety of different appetizers, meat and rice entrees, as well as, yakisoba, udon, ramen, and dessert.

Their conveyer belt items run on a color coded system with three different colored plates available to pick up: pink, blue, and green. The pink plate is the lowest in price, coming in at $2.95 per plate. The blue is second at $3.95 per plate. And the green one is naturally the most expensive option you can pick up from the conveyer belt, coming in at $4.95 per plate. Surprisingly, salmon nigiri is one of their green plate items despite it being one of the most basic and affordable fishes available, however, it does make sense in terms of its popularity.

Now, with all that being said, I've been to Mikami twice and I truly really wanted to like it, especially with its biggest competitor (Kura Revolving Sushi) just a couple of streets down from it. Kura is comparable with the prices of Mikami, however, the space is much smaller and there are frequently long lines waiting in front, therefore, it would be nice to have a comparable second option to visit that doesn't always have a long wait. Unfortunately, I can't say that Mikami is that comparable second option because the quality simply is not there.

I have to say, I have not tried every single dish here and I have not tried their non-sushi dishes like their udon or ramen, but when you go to a sushi place, you will most likely order their sushi. I think the main problem really boils down to the fish not being as high quality or as fresh as Kura making the sushi not as great overall. When it comes to revolving sushi, most of the time I will be ordering nigiri because that, to me, is worth the most value and it is what I look for in revolving sushi and sushi in general. So when it comes to nigiri, the quality of the fish is quite literally the most important thing as there is not much more to the dish, just fish and rice. I simply did not feel like the fish quality was good enough and I especially did not enjoy the sashimi that they had because it fish did not seem that fresh to me. I also want to mention that I am a major sushi fan, I love sushi and I love raw fish, but even then, I could not finish the sashimi, which breaks my heart because sashimi is probably the priciest thing on the menu.
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I think some of their rolls were a little bit better as there are more ingredients and flavors to disguise the fish and even their salmon nigiri is acceptable. Salmon is the most palatable fish in my opinion so that is always a safe option. But their other fish options, like tuna, albacore, etc. (fish that are more prone to having a strong fishy taste or smell) were quite fishy for me and just overall not as enjoyable.

I do feel like I am being harsh on them because it was not all bad. Overall, the meal was decent but the sashimi and some of the nigiri was just not great to me which was really disappointing to me as a person who loves sushi and is always excited to get sushi.

There is always a chance that it was just an off day for them, but I have been twice and neither experiences were necessarily spectacular, although I wouldn't say it was horrible. I think the verdict for me is that if I want sushi and I want to spend money on sushi, I wouldn't necessarily spend at Mikami, especially since their prices are quite average, I wouldn't even consider it a steal. And there are plenty of other affordable sushi places that are quite good. I definitely wouldn't say this place is comparable to Kura, so it does make sense that Kura are the ones with extremely long lines and wait times while you can pretty much get a table immediately at Mikami any time of the day. That is not to say they don't have business, however, I found that they had decent business overall. And they do have a much larger space, so they rarely run out of space to seat customers.
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Overall, I wouldn't recommend it, especially with the plethora of sushi restaurant options in Convoy District, and I would almost always opt to go to Kura, even given the longer wait times and potentially slightly higher prices.

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