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Hot Asian Fusion Restaurant and Bar in San Diego - OB Noodle House

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OB Noodle House is an Asian fusion restaurant and bar in Ocean Beach, San Diego, and is voted San Diego’s Best Asian Fusion. It is definitely a fan favorite in San Diego and I totally understand why! Everything from the food to the drinks to the ambiance to the service was absolutely amazing and I was very blown away by every single dish that we ordered. I am very impressed by them.

We ordered a lot for our meal (which was a great decision, by the way) and we ended up taking a lot of it back home which made for a really great leftover meal the next day. We ordered Korean beef short ribs, sizzling fish, seafood and vegetables Hong Kong chow fun, house special fried rice, spicy garlic wings (they’re famous for these!), and Asian style pork belly tacos (their Taco Tuesday and Thursday special). As for drinks, we tried their melon Sake and their World Famous Jameson shot (which was deemed a “must try while we’re here” by our lovely waiter).

Their Korean beef short ribs are made with hormone-free, grass-fed American style Kobe Wagyu beef short ribs that are marinated with house special sauce and served with caramelized onions and rice. The flavors of the house special sauce is on point! They really nailed the marinade and made the meat very flavorful and delicious. The meat itself was also very well-cooked and tender, easy to bite through. I wouldn’t say it melts in your mouth, but you wouldn’t really expect it to either. Overall, very solid dish and they got the Korean flavors in the marinade perfectly!
@sanfoodiego on Instagram
@sanfoodiego on Instagram

Their sizzling fish is made with freshwater Vietnamese Basa topped with caramelized ginger, scallions, garlic, and cilantro. As you would expect, this dish is very aromatic and has strong flavors. If you love the smell and flavor of scallions and garlic, this dish is perfect for you. I personally loved how the flavors mixed together to make a powerful yet clean tasting dish. It did not feel too heavy or saucy, it really let the fish shine through which is the most important part to me. The fish itself literally came apart so easily, it was very tender and soft and cooked to perfection.
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I really did not expect to like their seafood and vegetables Hong Kong chow fun as much as I do, but it is actually one of my favorites from our meal. If you love chow fun, which is made with the thick, flat, white rice noodle, like I do, then this will be right up your alley. They really nailed the traditional chow fun flavor which requires a strong fire on the stove to give it that smokey flavor that we’re looking for. The sauce they used was on point. As someone who eats Asian food from very traditional restaurants, I have to say, they really got the authenticity and flavors down at this place and I never would’ve expected it, but I am so glad they did! I wouldn’t say the seafood really shined through in this dish, although the shrimp was very nice, but I didn’t miss it, the chow fun itself satisfied my appetite for this dish.
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Their house special fried rice is a Saigon styled fried rice with Chinese broccoli, beef, shrimp, Chinese sausage, egg, and vegetables with chili sate sauce. This fried rice is definitely very loaded and has a lot of delicious ingredients in it. It was a bit spicy for my personal preference, but my spice tolerance is significantly lower than the average person, so I think you should be fine ordering it if you’re craving some fried rice. They also have combo fried rice which doesn’t have the spicy sauce if you’re looking for an alternative that also includes most of the ingredients as the house special. But on top of that, they have all sorts of fried rice dishes to suit your preference.
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Their spicy garlic wings come in 12 (which is a lot for an appetizer, is it not?) and are jumbo, premium chicken wings. They are marinated with garlic and spices and served with ranch. These wings are what got them famous on TV and I definitely understand why. Not only were the wings themselves super juicy and tender, but the spicy garlic flavor was fantastic! It goes perfectly with ranch, but I might be biased because I love ranch. These wings are the perfect appetizers to share because the flavors really get your appetite going and I mean, who doesn’t want a good chicken wing to start off your meal?
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Lastly for food, we got their Taco Tuesday and Thursday special: the Asian style pork belly tacos. These tacos (which probably aren’t the tacos you’re imagining right now) were featured on TruTV show “Barmageddon,” how cool is that? Essentially they are Korean-style pork belly grilled and served into a fluffy half-moon buns (baos) along with a homemade papaya salad, sriracha aioli, and cilantro. These baos are very flavorful, the sriracha aioli really packs a punch, but a delicious one at that. And the pork belly is just perfect, so tender, almost melts in your mouth and has a great grilled flavor that compliments the aioli sauce. I would consider these appetizers, but they are very filling, so definitely don’t eat more than one if you want to be able to enjoy all their other amazing dishes. It comes with three in an order and you could honestly just eat all three and be full.
@sanfoodiego on Instagram
@sanfoodiego on Instagram

Last but not least, we had to try their World Famous Peanut Butter Jameson shot. This shot has a rich and nutty peanut butter flavor that really comes through in the beginning and as you continue to sip, the smooth alcohol flavor kicks in at the very end, making it the perfect experience. It’s not world famous for no reason and I’m glad our waiter literally made us get this shot, thank you.

If you love all types of Asian food, this is the place to go to get a wide variety of authentic Asian food all together in a single meal, and share some great drinks while you’re at it, too!

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