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Aesthetic Thai Restaurant in San Diego - Siam Nara

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Siam Nara is located in a popular plaza in Mira Mesa of San Diego. It is a traditional Thai restaurant that serves some of the most beautiful and delicious food I’ve ever seen. Siam Nara is owned by Suree, who also happens to be the owner of the restaurant, who aims to continue her traditions of cooking Thai food. She owns two other locations, Amarin in Hillcrest and Narraya in Pacific Beach. They are a relatively new restaurant to Mira Mesa and opened right at the beginning of when the Coronavirus began to take-off. Because of this, most people have not been able to dine or experience Siam Nara to its fullest. They currently offer takeout for their food items and desserts. Their takeout is just as beautifully presented as the rest of their food so you will not be disappointed by their takeout!

The restaurant itself is very elegant and beautiful as well with wide tables and beautiful decorations all over the walls, tables, and chairs. It is located in such a bustling and popular plaza that many who frequent the area have likely driven past by it or near it. It is definitely very accessible and a great location to enjoy a meal. I believe they will be opening their outdoor dining soon as well!

For our meal, we tried their Parakeet Paradise, their Flower Bouquet, their tom yum flavored chicken wings, their tom yum flavored prawn, and lastly, for dessert, we tried their traditional Thai mango sticky rice.

Before we even get into it, everything was extremely beautifully presented with lots of flowers and amazing craftsmanship and creativity for each of the items we tried.

First and foremost is their Parakeet Paradise, which is part of their current Valentine’s Day special. The “parakeets” in the meal are made of dumplings with a mushroom and chicken filling. Each dumpling is carefully and meticulously designed and formed to look like a cute parakeet, and they come in an array of vibrant colors which makes for a very colorful and beautiful basket. I really respect the details and creativity they put into creating this dish, I’ve never seen anything like it! As for taste, I would say they are on the blander side, although still yummy. Most importantly, they come with this amazing cilantro sauce which was literal heaven (but probably not if you’re one of those cilantro haters, sorry!) and it went perfectly with the dumplings and made them ten times as delicious.
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Next up is their flower bouquet which is also a part of their Valentine’s Day special, hence the flower theme. This is a dessert item that is made of mung bean and shaped into a pretty flower shape. This dessert is not only beautiful to look at but it is also so soft and delicious to bite into. This is especially good for those who love mung bean, Asian desserts, or desserts that aren’t too sweet in general. As someone with less of a sweet tooth, I really enjoyed and appreciated that it wasn’t too overwhelmingly sweet but still pleasant in flavor and so fun to eat!
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Then we tried their tom yum flavored chicken wings which is part of their Superbowl special. I couldn’t really taste the tom yum flavor that it was supposed to be, but the wings were absolutely delicious, nonetheless. I could not stop eating things, the chicken itself was soooo juicy and tender and the outer shell was nice and crispy with some nice flavors. This truly is the perfect game day snack, so easy to eat and so addicting.
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Similar to the chicken wings, the tom yum flavored prawns also didn’t yield too much tom yum flavor but still delicious and enjoyable. The prawns were so big and meaty and it was so easy to peel the crispy shell off, although you could probably just eat it with the shell because it was so crispy, you could probably bite right through it! This is perfect for seafood lovers and also make perfect gameday finger foods.
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Both the chicken wings and the prawns came with three different sauces, including their mild sauce, their medium sauce, and their Thai spicy sauce. Their mild sauce was a nice creamy sauce with little to no spice. Their medium sauce was just a tad bit spicier and added a nice sweet flavor. Their Thai spicy sauce is the one you really need to be wary of because it is no joke. It was significantly spicier than their medium sauce but the flavor is still really great. I loved that they included three levels of spice for sauces and the fact that the sauces actually offered different flavors rather than being the same flavor but just different levels of spice. This way, each sauce adds something new to the chicken wings to give it more variety.
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Last but not least, their mango sticky rice is probably one of the best I’ve had in a while. It is made with beautiful mango slices and a light blue sticky rice mixed with coconut milk. The rice is sweet and creamy to the perfect level which is really why it is superior to me. And the mango was so fresh and sweet.

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