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Froglanders - Small Creperie and Frozen Yogurt in San Diego

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Froglanders is based in our very own La Jolla, California, and started off as a frozen yogurt place. The name Froglanders is based off the hoppy, excited feeling that children get when they think about getting some delicious frozen yogurt which is just like how frogs always seem to be excited and hopping around, isn't that adorable?

Froglanders gives off an extremely homey and comfortable feeling upon entering the shop and their goal is to give you the best service and food and have you leaving the shop with a smile on your face. They have many different flavors of frozen yogurt, including their popular Ghiradelli chocolate flavor that is so rich, it can satisfy all chocolate lovers! Another one of their popular flavors would be the salted caramel pretzel flavor which is also very rich and creamy. They also have a lot of toppings to go with their frozen yogurt so you can choose all your favorite toppings. Their flavors also change from time to time so you can try all different types of their unique and delicious flavors.

On top of being a frozen yogurt place, they are also extremely popular for their crepes, which are authentically French in style. They have both sweet and savory crepes, and I have to say, I was blown away by how amazing their crepes are.

I tried their Amazing Crepe, their Cinnamon Roll Crepe, and their Supreme Crepe, all of which were amazing and I would highly recommend all of them.

Their Amazing Creme comprises of Nutella, banana, and strawberry and this simple combination is such a classic and is just delightful. You can never go wrong with this flavor and is definitely their most popular crepe. I really like that they don't skimp out on ingredients at all and they load the crepes up with nutella, banana, and strawberry so that you have some extra flavor in each of your bites. The crepe itself is extremely delicate and soft and really easy to bite and cut into which is just how we want our crepes. They are thin enough to not be too doughy but just thick enough so that it doesn't break upon contact. This is absolutely the perfect crepe and a must-try if you make a visit.

Next is their Cinnamon Roll Crepe which is made with sugar, butter, and cinnamon. One thing I really love about their crepes is that the ingredients are super simple and straightforward, you know exactly what is going into it and there's no mystery at all, yet it is so delicious and magical. This crepe is definitely for the cinnamon lovers out there, if you love yourself a cinnamon roll or cinnamon cereal, this is just the one for you. The cinnamon flavor is quite strong but well balanced with the sugar and butter. This is an absolutely addicting flavor that will keep you going back for more!

Last but not least is their Supreme Crepe, savory, which is made with Brie, Bacon, mozzarella, Spinach, Tomato, and a buckwheat gluten-free batter. This was so incredibly delicious and if you love cheese, this is definitely the one for you. They are so generous with the brie and mozzarella that you get some delicious, high-quality cheese with each bite and the brie is just a magnificent touch to the entire crepe dish, adding great depth and flavor to it. This is perfect for quick meals and you get cheese, some veggies, and a delicious crepe to go with it. I would highly recommend this crepe as well and I definitely want to go back and try their other savory crepes and flavors.

I also tried their frozen yogurt including their cookies and cream and dole whip flavors. Both were really great in terms of flavor profile and texture. It was creamy and rich with flavors. The dole whip one is a classic and is always great for when you want something nice and refreshing to go with your meal or just for anything honestly. I also loved the toppings that they offer which go so well with the frozen yogurt!

Froglanders is very popular in the neighborhood with lots of locals and neighborhoods who come and visit on a weekly basis. Because of this nature, Froglanders has become a go-to for many and because the owner is always there and is so kind, they've developed a close relationship with one another. The owner is extremely passionate about what he does and he does a great job of creating quality food and an amazing experience for everyone who comes. There are many kids and young adults who come here after school for a lovely dessert and also older adults who want a quality treat or meal.

If you're looking for a new crepe or frozen yogurt place to try, this would definitely have to be the one! Ever since trying their crepes, I've been craving it every day, I definitely need to make another visit soon.

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