Top Three Workouts For Sustained Fitness


The secret to sustained workouts is making them an enjoyable habit and squeezing them in between work breaks
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The best exercises for me are the ones I can do at my own convenience.

After trying many workouts over the years especially attending gym and swimming pools regularly, recently, I developed some habits of doing fundamental exercise at home and in the office during my breaks.

In this article, I introduce three easy workouts that can be done at home or two of them in the office every day.

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A push-up is the easiest and the most effective workout for me.

I start my push-ups after doing a few minutes of warming and stretching. I usually jump on a trampoline to warm up for three to five minutes.

I spend one minute doing ten push-ups then do a bit more stretching.

As my body is warmed up, now is the time to do 40 to 50 push-ups at a moderate speed.

It takes me less than two minutes to complete the next set of 50 push-ups. I take a few deep breaths and a minute of stretching my arms.

Then I take the third set to complete my routine.

With a little slower speed, I take 40 push-ups in around two minutes.

When I complete my 100 push-ups, I can feel that many main muscles groups get active.

I especially feel the arm and chest muscles worked out well.

After I spend my allocated ten minutes, all muscles become active. My body feels energetic. All signs of fatigue and morning lethargy disappear.

I have a one-minute hot and one-minute cold shower to stabilize my muscle.

The next exercise is squats to activate my leg and tight muscles.

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Squats can be ideal workouts to build leg muscles.

They helped me keep the strength and flexibility of my legs with low impact. By doing squats every day, I improve my posture and balance.

I start squats by standing and keeping my feet parallel around a meter apart.

By looking up, I slightly bend my knees feeling the weight on my heels.

It is like a 90-degree angle position. I stay in this position for around 30 seconds.

I repeat it 20 times.

I take 3 to 5 sets based on my energy and time.

After squats, I sit down for a few minutes to rest my legs or continue working on my desk.

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I found the pull-up machine a most effective strength and weight training tool. Pull-ups can be used to develop strength and increase muscle mass, focusing on the large muscles of the back and the biceps.

Investing in a pull-up machine made a substantial impact on fitness and health. It was an affordable device that encouraged me to use it every day.

Initially, I was using it every second day as recovering from the muscle pain took me around 48 hours. But after a year, my body adapted as I incrementally increased the number of push-ups.

Having a pull-up machine at home and doing a few pull-ups in the mornings and the evenings after work turned into a good habit for me. On the days I cannot go to the gym, this pull-up machine, combined with a trampoline and vibration machine, has been my first go-to workout machine at home.

I was amazed some workplaces have gyms with pull-up machines. I witnessed some workplaces with fitness parks next to them. Some have trees that can be used for pull-ups. Those parks were ideal places for my lunch breaks.

Nowadays, I use my pull-up machine at home almost every day. I use it primarily during my break after an hour when writing an article or a business report. Just doing 20 pullups every three to six-hour activates my biceps and back muscles.

I use pull-ups and push-ups interchangeably.

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Making workouts a habit can be an excellent solution for fitness and health. Some of us cannot go to the gym because of several reasons. Not going to the gym shouldn’t stop us from working out. Exercise is essential for health. Moving our body is as essential as nutrient and sleep. Our bodies must move to perform and stay healthy.

The best solution for me to create supplementary exercises during my hourly breaks. Initially, they can be challenging and even boring, but once we get used to them and turn them into habits, they can be beneficial for sustained fitness and good health.

Push-ups and squats can be done anywhere. All we need a few meters of space and 10 minutes. Investing in a pull-up machine at home was one of the best investments for my fitness.

Thank you for reading my perspectives.

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