Technical Mentors, Business Coaches, And Change Champions In Digital Ventures


Giveback activities are highly sought after and create the learning and skill-building backbone for flourishing ventures.

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Learning is a never-ending process in transformational environments. Digital ventures operate with constant transformation.

Due to rapidly changing technologies, processes, and tools, technology leaders and employees must learn rapidly and efficiently.

Their learning process includes both formal and informal modes. While college degrees, supplementary education courses, and short courses are considered formal and essential for gaining knowledge and skills, the tip of the iceberg relates to informal learning activities.

There is a wide variety of learning styles in workplaces. Based on situations and conditions, leaders and employees can learn formally and informally based on circumstances.

Leaders learn differently. They turn every possible interaction into a potential learning opportunity. They create learning opportunities for themselves and for team members.

They informally educate, teach, and inform team members actively and on their request. While teaching team members, they can learn more and reinforce their learning. This unique way of learning is critical to meet the demands of digital ventures.

Many leaders in digital ventures play the roles of mentors, coaches, advisors, and champions.

Mentoring and coaching is a cultural shift in transforming ventures. It is an essential role for all leaders. There must be nurturing and knowledge transfer from top to bottom constantly in digital ventures.

They are expected to serve as mentors and coaches for immediate team members, extended team members, people from partnering organisations, interns coming from universities, and even people in other organisations who have an interest in the products and services of the ventures.

Mentoring and coaching these individuals are called giveback activities.

These mentors and coaches generously share their knowledge and transfer them to anyone who needs their wisdom to utilise various goals of ventures.

Exceptional leaders are good at coaching their peers, subordinates, and cross-team members by being a soundboard to them. Junior team members can be easily overwhelmed by the rapid pace of technology and changes in the venture business.

They serve as excellent listeners and even contribute to the well-being of team members while providing coaching sessions for stressful colleagues resulting in therapeutic outcomes.

Change is inevitable in modernising and transforming ventures. Everything changes continuously and rapidly. Change leadership is a vital function in digital ventures. Dealing with rapid change is non-trivial. It requires a delicate approach, deep skills, vast experience, and insights.

While mentoring and coaching, these leaders serve as a catalyst for ongoing change. They are called agile champions in many ventures because they address learning, knowledge, and skills issues in agility.

With their catalytical contributions to knowledge acquisition and skill-building using effective informal techniques, they keep the business culture refreshed, agile, collaborative, inventive, and innovative.

As change and agile champions, exceptional leaders can create innovative sets of learning practices in the ecosystem. Their attributes, such as being responsive, sharing and learning mutually, and having fun with joy in a pleasant team environment, can greatly impact improving the culture for positive change.

Digital ventures require exceptional leaders who take personal responsibility to learn and go beyond by teaching team members. Thus, mentoring, coaching, and championing for learning are essential giveback activities for transforming digital ventures.

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