Eliza Shed 30 Pounds In 6 Months With 2 Tips. Never Gained Them Again.


This is the story of a friend who was desperate to lose fat. Eliza is now in her fifties living with a new boyfriend. She raised three kids as a single mum. She lost 30 pounds a decade ago and never gained weight. She remained slim with lean muscles. Eliza is healthy, fit, and happy.


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I met Eliza when she was 40 years old. She was overweight and unfit.

When her tough coach, Adrian, asked her how serious she was in losing fat and get fit, her reply was an instant yes.

Adrian asked again how committed she was within a one to ten scales.

Eliza's response was 10.

This was an excellent start to sign a fitness contract between a service provider and the client.

Adrian was an extremely experienced coach. He trained hundreds of people. His success rate was 100% for committed people. He did not pursue the coaching sessions without signing a contract.

If one of his clients broke the contract, Adrian stopped his service and focussed on the next committed client. Eliza found herself fortunate to meet this dedicated coach.

Adrian was a qualified coach and trainer with a double degree. He studied human physiology and mental health. He was also a certified nutritionist specializing in a ketogenic diet. His colleagues disapproved of his practice. However, he didn't care about what others thought. His success rate showed he was on the right track.

He understood how the body and mind worked.

Adrian extended the contract to a medical professional.

Before starting the program, Adrian asked Eliza to get checked by her physician and obtain doctor's approval for the program. Eliza's family doctor ordered complete blood tests.

After reviewing the results, her doctor approved her cardio workouts and a new diet regime under the control of a qualified trainer and nutritionist.

Adrian's weight loss framework was straightforward. It was based on two broad actions.

  • The first action was practising “fasted cardio” for 30 minutes every morning.
  • The second action was eating only one high protein meal once a day for the first 30 days.

Even though Adrian was uncompromising, he allowed Eliza one cup of coffee with no sugar and milk around 40 minutes before her fasted cardio. Fasted means no breakfast. As plain coffee has negligible calories, it did not break the fast.

Her previous trainers asked Eliza to do some resistance training, but Eliza did not like weight lifting or using resistance machines in the gym. However, she did not mind mild cardio. She loved walking in the mornings with her dog Cunny.

Apart from a cup of coffee in the morning, the only drink Adrian allowed her was salty bone broth and filtered water until her dinner to keep her hydrated with sufficient electrolytes.

Eliza was a meat lover and did not mind some green vegetables. Adrian recommended her to increase fat intake and stopped all carbs except vegetables. He didn't even advise fruits except for the avocado. Eliza loved avocado and butter on her steak and steamed non-starchy vegetables. She also loved porched egg yolks as a side dish.

She ate until reaching satiety. As soon as she felt satisfied, she stopped eating.

If she felt hungry later, she drank the bone broth.

Adrian checked Eliza's heart rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure, blood glucose, and ketone levels daily. They recorded the details in a spreadsheet together.

Within two weeks, Eliza's body started producing a substantial amount of ketones.

She started feeling very energetic. Her hunger disappeared.

Within a month, Eliza became fat adapted. She was losing actual fat. It was evident from the measurement of her waistline. She lost a few inches.

To ensure Eliza do not lose muscle, Adrian was adamant about the sufficient protein intake from high-quality sources. Since Eliza loved red fatty meat, chicken, and fish, her protein intake met her body needs.

Since this regime created stress on the body, Adrian added a 20-minute meditation to her schedule just after the fasted cardio.

Adrian asked for one more measurement to ensure Eliza lost fat and kept her lean muscles.

Eliza got a full Dexa scan showing fat percentage, lean muscle mass, and bone density.

Adrian kept a copy of the report.

They continued the regime for six months.

Eliza felt like the happiest woman on earth at the end of the sixth month. When she checked her weight on the scale, it showed 30 pounds less than what it showed six months ago.

Adrian asked her to have another Dexa scan. The report showed substantial fat loss with a little muscles gain and the same level of bone density. They both celebrated this with a cheat meal.

Even for the cheat meal, Eliza only ate ketogenic food. She was not feeling hungry, even with one meal a day. Her leptin hormone worked correctly by informing her brain about the satiety level.

Eliza got another full medical check, and her doctor confirmed that all blood markers were at normal ranges.

I heard this story a decade ago when Eliza and I were working in the same team.

After ten years, we bumped into each other at a conference.

I did not recognize her, but she recognized me.

She was a joyful person who got an executive management role. Her kids had grown up and become independent.

Eliza met a new boyfriend, and they are living in a dream house.

This story inspired me so much that I share it with my friends, colleagues, and readers.

After ten years, Eliza did not gain any weight, kept her lean muscles, and became a successful businesswoman.

She was kind enough to attribute her success to Adrian's stringent and well-proven method.

The story resonates well with me because it reflects several elements from my personal transformation program.

Her story made sense to me because managing glucose, insulin, and cortisol were critical success factors to fat loss from my experience.

Adrian has helped many people to lose fat using this simple yet powerful method.

In Eliza's story, the key points included consistent 30 minutes of fasted cardio, one high protein meal, a high mineral containing bone broth, and 20 minutes of stress-relieving mediation.

Thank you for reading my perspectives.

Reference: Simple & Powerful Life-Transforming Bio-Hacks

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