If Workouts Don't Give Us Joy And Melt Belly Fat, What Is The Point?


I believe everyone should customize their workouts. Something working for one may not work for another. For many years, I followed and modelled the exercise regime of legendary gymnasts and bodybuilders. Unfortunately, their great workouts did not work for me. I created my joyful exercises.


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Those legendary athletes inspired and motivated me, but their regime did not resonate with my body. After observing my feelings, mood, and progress, I understood that my body requires different exercise types.

Therefore, I designed my own workouts, suiting my needs and meeting my body requirements. I used to go to the gym and loved the gym rituals. However, recently, it is difficult for me to go to the gym regularly. I learned that not going to the gym did not mean giving up fitness goals. I created a customized gym at home for my specific needs and fitness goals.

My fitness goals are to get pure joy and shape my body to the desired state. Fitness is a passion for me because I love it. I work out every day as a ritual, primarily at home nowadays. These joyful workouts help me maintain my strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Joy is the primary focus of my fitness. The rest come naturally. The bonus is shaping my body to the desired state.

I perform a wide variety of workout regimes. As I get older, I changed my workouts. For example, I used to do plenty of cardio at younger ages. Excessive cardio did not work for me. It put me to a miserable state.

It was time for me to replace it with something joyful and healthier. Considering my age and body type, I tried weight training, resistance workouts, callisthenics, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and supplemented with mild cardio, mainly for warming purposes.

Nowadays, my workouts are joyful. I perform them daily. They help me keep my lean muscles, bones density, and low-fat percentage. These are my main fitness goals. I was not aware of these goals in my younger ages. My focus was on to get slim as much as possible.

I was getting slim, but my belly was still bulging. My muscle tone was not appealing.

Nowadays, my goals and my needs are clear.

I passionately work out every day, but my approach to exercise is gentle. Instead of excessive cardio, I use five minutes of HIIT. Instead of using very heavy dumbbells, I prefer using my body weight. It is natural and produces the required outcomes for me.

My new exercise regime maintains my low-body fat percentage, lean muscles, and dense bones.


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I love doing push-ups. I can complete 100 push-ups in ten minutes in the morning. I can do one or two times in my breaks during the day. Apart from a few hundred push-ups, I use the pull-up machine at home every day.

Using the pull-up machine is a joyful workout for me. It is suitable for strength, resistance, and flexibility. I use pull-ups to develop strength and increase lean muscle mass. It helps me build my back muscles and the biceps. Using the pull-up machine regularly keeps my lean muscles. On the days I cannot go to the gym, the pull-up machine has been my first go-to workout tool at home.

Learning to pull-up took me a while. Initially, I was able to do only a few pull-ups with extreme difficulty. My body was shaking and getting sore after even one set of five reps.

After years of practice on my pull-up machine, I can now achieve 20 consecutive pull-ups daily with no recovery time. It takes only five minutes to do three sets. My body adapted to the stress and created the necessary strength and endurance for it.

I feel great after three sets of 20 pull-ups in the morning. Purchasing an affordable pull-up machine was one of my best investments.

An indoor trampoline was another good investment for my fitness goals. This simple tool made a significant impact on fitness and overall health. It is ideal on rainy days when I can't go out.

Using trampoline helps me reduce my stress. It is my main cardio workout. It helps me complete my daily ten thousand steps walking goal.

The trampoline has some additional benefits to my health. It increased lymphatic flow in my body, hence helped detoxification. It also increased bone density.

After using trampoline regularly, my heart rate does not go as high as in my earlier days. I feel much fitter nowadays. And it is joyful.

I used to run and feel awful afterwards due to my joints' pain. Now jogging on the trampoline, there is no excessive pressure on my joints. Protecting my joints is another preventative measure for premature aging and potential skeletal risks of disease.


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I learnt achieving better balance on the trampoline. It stimulates the vestibular and the semicircular canals in the middle ear and improves my balance.

Best of all, I did not experience any side effects of hopping on a trampoline. The only risk is falling from the trampoline if not done correctly or not paying attention. Therefore, I ensure that there are no sharp objects around the trampoline, and it is on a smooth carpet in my study room.

I have a fantastic machine at home. I called it a wonder machine because it creates vibration and gives me a lot of joy. The vibration machine is excellent for overall muscle workout. It is great fun. I usually use it for ten minutes. All my muscles are worked out gently.

The vibration machine was initially designed for the astronauts to keep muscle mass in space, as the fast vibration causes involuntary movements in muscles. Using a vibration machine daily also improved my fitness for other cardiovascular exercises. It has been useful to maintain better balance, improved flexibility and coordination.

Using a vibration machine with a trampoline and pull-up machine at home has been a joyful combination of a daily exercise regimen for me even if I cannot go out or to the gym for various reasons such as weather conditions, work schedule, or other commitments.

While using the trampoline and vibration machine for cardiovascular purposes, I use the pull-up machine mainly for strength training to keep my lean muscles. These three joyful exercises helped me improve my fitness, strength and flexibility.

My joyful workouts provided me with many health benefits for my aging body. My cortisol level optimized so I was able to tap into belly fat. After 50 years, I experienced six-packs.

I am glad to develop my own exercise regime. I am still inspired to watch elite athletes and bodybuilders, but I don't try to work out in their league. Listening to my body and nurturing was the best lesson I learned.

Thank you for reading my perspectives.

Reference: Simple & Powerful Life-Transforming Bio-Hacks

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