We Eat Ourselves, And It Is A Good Thing


Scary but seriously, we are sort of cannibals. Our body eats itself, particularly useless parts. It is a natural process. This process makes us healthier. It is complex but I explain it in plain language.


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Self-eating may sound cannibalistic, scary and paradoxical, but it is a natural phenomenon. I have been studying this process for long. I also apply it to my self-improvement experiments.

This process helped me eliminate excessive skin caused by dramatic and rapid weight loss, as mentioned in a News Break story titled How Did I Get Rid of Loose Skin After Weight Loss?

There is a scientific name for this process. It is called autopathy.

My purpose is to introduce the science behind autopathy and give you practical examples for its use. I use measures from my experience. These experiments helped me improve my health conditions. I experienced a noticeable difference.

After several years of experimentation, I feel compelled about sharing essential points and lessons learned.

Autophagy means “self-eating”. It is a method our bodies use to clean damaged cells and generate newer and healthier cells.

Scientists have been conducting studies on autophagy for long. The topic became popular recently. The most significant contribution was made by the research of Yoshinori Ohsumi. He got Nobel Prize in Physiology in 2016. He explained the morphological and molecular mechanisms of autophagy.

I don’t want to go into scientific details but briefly touch the process at a high level.

Autophagy is an evolutionary process. It is catabolic in nature. It means that our cells degrade and recycle intra-cellular damaged organelles, misfolded and mutant proteins, and even viruses and bacteria to maintain cellular health.

This biological process removes our zombie cells. These cells are neither dead nor alive, just like in Schrodinger’s cat's metaphor in quantum physics. The instability of these cells may cause critical health risks. They may affect our body’s homeostasis.

After this brief introduction, let me explain how we can initiate autophagy and benefit from eating ourselves.

I focus on only natural methods.

One of the most efficient and natural ways to initiate autophagy is fasting.


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Scientists have proven that caloric restriction and fasting regimes could initiate the autophagy. I read remarkable papers from Longo & Mattson. For example, the paper titled, Fasting: molecular mechanisms and clinical applications was published in the CellMetab in 2014. Another study examined the physiological role of autophagy as an intracellular recycling system, emphasising nutrient metabolism by Kuma & Mizushima in 2010.

Autophagy studies are intense in science and medicine. They even started conducting cancer research.

I want to introduce two practical scientific methods to initiate autophagy.

Fasting, in the form of one meal a day, provided me with many benefits. I shared my fasting regime in this News Break article How I Melted Abdominal Fat With Fat And Got Leaner.

Apart from fasting and caloric restriction, another autophagy inducing mechanism is exercise. I shared my exercise regime, a mix of aerobic and anaerobic in a News Break article titled 3 Joyful Exercises for Low-Fat, Lean Muscles, and Dense Bones.

My essential lesson learned for exercise is making it joyful, consistent, and sustainable by building healthy habits. Movement creates good stress. It is kind of acute stress with deliberate workouts. This kind of stress is useful because it can initiate autophagy. Good stress is healthy. It contributes to fitness, strength, and flexibility.

We need to refrain from chronic stress which can create adverse effects for our health. One of the most important lessons for me was fully recovering before starting another intense exercise session.

I don’t overdo cardio anymore. Instead, I stick to either a moderate amount of cardio or supplement my anaerobic exercise with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) mainly on a safe trampoline. Weight training, resistance training, and callisthenics are a golden opportunity for me to initiate autophagy.

By applying intermittent Fasting and joyful exercises, I managed inducing autophagy regularly. The process was reflected in several of my blood markers taken by my family physician and specialist doctors.

However, the most compelling and empirical evidence was getting rid of my excess skin after losing a substantial amount of weight. I shared my remarkable experience in this News Break story.

To eliminate my excess skin after a substantial weight loss, I tried many methods over a decade. Nothing worked!


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I finally and gratefully got rid of my disturbing excess skin in my abdominal area by learning the autophagy mechanism through one meal a day supplemented with joyful exercises. My family doctor and fitness coach approved my fasting and exercise regime.

Getting rid of loose skin was joyful for me. It helped me notice the muscle definition in my abdominal area. I owe this achievement after 50 years old to a by-product of my special diet and exercise regime, which induced regular autophagy.

When I discuss my progress, some of my health advisors thought it was most likely autophagy process that ate the excess skin over time.

I am grateful for the natural self-eating process built in our bodies to eliminate our zombie cells, viruses, harmful proteins, bacteria, and pathogens. Ongoing studies promise to unearth this pleasant mystery and the paradox of eating useless parts of our own bodies.
Self-eating is like a miracle inside our bodies.

Thank you for reading my perspectives.

Reference: Simple & Powerful Life-Transforming Bio-Hacks

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