This One Natural Thing Fixed My Painful Joints


For many years, my chronically inflamed joints caused me a lot of suffering. I want to introduce a natural substance that fixed the joint problem and prevented from re-occurring. As a bonus, it fixed my leaky gut and improved my sleep quality naturally.

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I used to run and enjoy the great feeling afterwards. Cardio was giving me a lot of pleasure. I thought it was the best workout for me on those days. Nowadays, I have a totally different workout regime.

After a while, my joints started hurting, caused by running and excessive cardio. I also experienced severe muscular back pain caused by arthritis. I shared my experience with arthritis and how I freed myself in this article.

The pain and suffering turned to be unbearable. My body was producing excessive inflammation. I couldn't move much and had to give up exercising. I started gaining weight.

The awful pain signals in my joints and back were waking me up from deep sleep. Restless nights were contributing to the growth of my pain.

I got advice from my medical advisors. They offered me powerful painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicine. The medicine helped with the reduction of inflammation temporarily, but they were upsetting my stomach.

Pain killers were numbing the pain but suppressing the natural alarms of my body.

The pain notified that something was wrong, but medication was shutting the messenger and silencing it unnaturally. I was young and uninformed. I did not understand this profound point. All I wanted was to reduce the pain.

The chronic pain in my joints and back continued over a decade. I felt disabled and couldn't meet my basic needs.

Rheumatologists confirmed chronic inflammation, causing lower back and joints pain. They prescribed me to use high-dose anti-inflammatory for a lifetime. Each rheumatologist gave me different anti-inflammatory each time.

I used Celebrex, Viox, and Voltaren. They offered me more potent pain killers in injection form if symptoms got worse and stopped me from functioning. I tried injection once, which helped, but it increased my fatigue. Thus I continued with Voltaren most of the times.

Anti-inflammatory medications helped me and gave me a brief breathing space. However, they were creating lots of side effects. My situation was getting worse and worse.

I started gentle swimming, hydrotherapy, and peaceful walks. These gentle exercises helped me a bit, but my pain never ceased.

Limping in the office and social environments lowered my self-esteem. I was trying to hide my limping as much as possible.

I was reading the medical literature and alternative therapies.

One day, I had a consultation from a naturopathy doctor. She examined my situation and recommended some lifestyle changes. Initially, she gave me some herbs, but my body did not enjoy plant extracts.

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However, this naturopathy doctor introduced me to a new type of protein called hydrolyzed collagen.

I knew the importance of collagen for muscle, skin, connective tissues, tendons, and ligaments, but I did not realize a supplementation may require. My body needed it.

I purchased a high-quality hydrolyzed collagen and drank a few cups every night.

Within a month, the pain started diminishing. I was feeling more active, mobile, and flexible.

As I mentioned in my article about fixing my leaky gut, I also started drinking bone broth which contains a lot of gelatin.

I fed two birds with one stone.

My painful joints and muscles got recovered, and my leaky gut fixed.

And I fed another bird and reveal it at the end.

After many years, even though I don't experience joint and muscle pain anymore, I still drink a few cups of bone broth with a spoon of hydrolyzed collagen every night.

I prepare bone broth at home. I boil the bones in a slow cooker for 24 hours.

These natural substances (hydrolyzed collagen and gelatin) not only preventing decay of my joints, but they are protecting my gut linings.

As a bonus, when I drink them an hour before bed, they provide sufficient relaxing amino acid glycine contributing to a restful sleep.

Since I have a high-quality sleep, my stress got lowered, and reduced stress also helped heal my joints and muscle.

I am healthier and happier with strong joints and muscle.

Thank you for reading my perspectives.

Reference: Simple & Powerful Life-Transforming Bio-Hacks

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