I Used To Fear Salt But It Is My Best Friend Now


For many years, I stayed away adding salt to my food. Sodium was a dirty word in my vocabulary. Wish I knew the importance of salt in my health, fitness, and well being. Salt is a critical mineral for life.


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In the olden days, I thought and falsely believed that salt caused heart disease.

What I missed was salt was an essential electrolyte for my heart function. After started a specific diet, salt became a critical need for my body. I was unaware of this need.

I knew that salt was the primary source of sodium and chloride in our diet. The two critical elements for the heart are sodium and potosium. I thought the food sources for sodium would be sufficient.

I don't supplement potassium as am convinced getting enough from my food sources. I also learned that the supplementation of potassium in normal health conditions was not necessary. However, I needed to supplement sodium in high-quality salt form.

In my family, I am the highest salt consumer. But having said that I don't consume an unnecessarily excessive amount.

Like anything else, an excessive amount of any substance can be a problem. Even water in excessive amount can cause water intoxication. When we drink too much water, more than our kidneys can remove with urinating, we can experience the undesirable effects.

Finding the right balance is critical. We are all different and have different needs.

In this story, I want to share my personal relationship with salt.

Since I feared salt, I used to consume very little. In fact, I did not put any salt to my food assuming the sodium I get from the food would be adequate.

Obviously, I was lacking the required amount for my body.

I experienced many symptoms for lack of salt in my body. For example, I used to have frequent headaches. I was unaware that lack of salt and other essential minerals was one of the culprits.


Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

My hate situation with salt transformed into a loved one when I look at salt with an open mind.

I didn’t know how essential salt was for my body, especially when I was in ketosis.

The importance of salt emerged when I started a ketogenic diet.

I shared my experience with the keto diet in an article on News Break: The More Fat I Ate The Lower Got My Cholesterol.

My body was extracting salt very quickly due to the effects of ketosis.

Learning about the importance of salt and increasing my salt intake was a lifesaver for me. Salt helped me to overcome my keto flu and become fat-adapted in a very short time.

I used to have unexpected muscular pain even when I did not exercise.

After increasing my salt intake, my muscular pain, especially in the early mornings and after 18 hours of fasting, disappeared.

Minor headaches disappeared after sipping a glass of saltwater with one teaspoon of salt.

Salt turned out to be an item in my first-aid kit.

Since it plays an important role, I am careful about consuming high-quality salt.

My choice of salt includes Himalayan Pink Salt, Sea Salt, and Redmond Real Salt.

Consuming salt became critical during and after sauna sessions. I perspire a lot and my body loses substantial salt with perspiration. I shared my experience of taking a dry sauna and its benefits in an article on News Break: Wonders of Dry Sauna.

Another critical time to consume salt is after heavy workout sessions.


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I learnt to take salt after perspiring in my High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which is a type of cardio. I take even more after weight training because salt is the critical electrolyte for my body. Magnesium is another type of salt in my definition is a critical substance that I supplement after heavy workouts.

Electrolyte supplementation may not apply to everyone as we have different diet regimes but my body loses salt very quickly due to ketosis and needs a lot of magnesium. I shared my experience with magnesium in another story on News Break: How I Improved My Immunity With Wondrous Epsom Salts.

Since I know the needs of my body, it is now a habit for me to carry salt in my emergency bag and gym bag.

Salt plays an important role in blood pressure management.

My blood pressure is normal, at the low end. For any reason, whenever my blood pressure goes down, I drink a glass of saltwater and it helps to turn my blood pressure back.

Since I increased the salt consumption for my body needs, I experienced fantastic outcomes.

Many of the symptoms such as mild headache, frequent sore muscles, and fatigue disappeared.

I have no fear of using salt in my food anymore.

An excellent relationship developed with salt. I now love salt and looks like it loves me too.

Thank you for reading my perspectives.

Reference: Simple & Powerful Life-Transforming Bio-Hacks

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