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A Sense of Fear in Kingsbridge: NYC Subway Underpass

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Residents of the Kingsbridge D-train underpass in the Bronx are living in fear as the neglected subway area has become an open-air drug market. Drug addicts are openly using drugs, leaving spent needles behind, and engaging in other illicit activities. City Councilman Oswald Feliz has expressed his anger and concern in a letter to the Department of Transportation, criticizing their lack of action. Locals, especially parents, are deeply worried about their safety and that of their children. Some have opted to avoid the area entirely, taking alternative transportation routes.

The presence of addicts and their activities have created an unwelcoming environment, with residents feeling helpless and unsupported by law enforcement. Despite pleas from the community and suggestions for practical steps to address the issue, the Department of Transportation has not taken any action. The situation has left residents feeling frustrated, scared, and desperate for change. The dire situation in the Kingsbridge D-train underpass is a pressing issue that demands immediate attention and action from the Department of Transportation. The fact that drug addicts are openly using drugs and engaging in illicit activities highlights the urgent need for intervention. The safety and well-being of the community, particularly the children, should be the top priority.

Councilman Oswald Feliz's expressed anger and concern in his letter to the Department of Transportation is a reflection of the deep frustration felt by the residents. Their pleas for practical steps to address the issue have been met with silence, leaving them feeling helpless and unsupported by law enforcement. It is evident that the presence of addicts and the open-air drug market have created an unwelcome environment that residents are forced to navigate daily. Their fears and worries for their safety should not be overlooked or ignored.

The Department of Transportation must take immediate action to address the situation. Implementing increased security measures, organizing regular patrols, and installing surveillance cameras would be a good starting point to deter illicit activities and improve safety. Engaging with the community and partnering with local organizations to provide support and resources for addicts seeking help is equally important. The residents need to see visible change and feel that their concerns are being taken seriously. It is crucial that the Department of Transportation acknowledges the urgency of the situation and acts swiftly to restore the sense of safety and security that the community deserves.


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