Mediterranean Dietitian's 4 Go-To Breakfasts

Dicle Belul

The Mediterranean diet has established itself as a leading healthy eating plan, consistently being named the best diet by U.S. News & World Report. Extensive research supports the numerous health benefits it offers, such as reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and promoting brain health and longevity. The diet emphasizes vegetables, healthy fats like olive oil, lean proteins such as fish, and complex carbohydrates like whole grains and beans. On the other hand, it limits fried foods, red meat, and refined sugar.

Marika Mancino, an Italian living in Cambridge, England, bases her clinical practice on the Mediterranean diet, as she finds it not only complete but also delicious. She advises her clients on portion sizes and how to construct a balanced plate. For her breakfast, Mancino enjoys seeded toast with peanut butter and banana, a combination providing healthy fats and nutrients. Another option she suggests is a bowl of porridge with peanut butter and banana or a balanced breakfast cereal with milk, fruit, and nuts.

Mancino sometimes enjoys a savory breakfast, usually consisting of whole-grain bread and soft cheese like ricotta or cream cheese. To ensure a complete meal, she recommends pairing it with other sources of protein, fruits, or vegetables. Marika Mancino's approach to guiding her clients on portion sizes and constructing balanced plates is an essential component of successfully following the Mediterranean diet. By emphasizing the need for a complete and nutritious breakfast, she sets the tone for the day, ensuring a healthy start. Her choices, like seeded toast with peanut butter and banana or a bowl of porridge with peanut butter and banana, offer a balance of healthy fats and essential nutrients.

Furthermore, Mancino's suggestion of a savory breakfast option, like whole-grain bread with soft cheese, adds variety to the morning routine. By encouraging the inclusion of other sources of protein, fruits, or vegetables, she ensures a well-rounded meal. This holistic approach to breakfast aligns with the principles of the Mediterranean diet, which places importance on the consumption of vegetables, healthy fats, and lean proteins while limiting fried foods, red meat, and refined sugar.

Mancino's expertise and commitment to the Mediterranean diet not only make it a complete and beneficial plan but also aim to make it enjoyable. This combination of health benefits and deliciousness has contributed to the diet's popularity and recognition as a leading healthy eating plan. As individuals seek sustainable and enjoyable ways to improve their overall well-being, incorporating Marika Mancino's breakfast recommendations into their daily routine can be a great step towards following the Mediterranean diet with success.


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