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What causes fruit flies in flowers? How can we get rid of them? One of the most common problems in recent years is fruit flies in the soil. Unfortunately, soil mixes with poor quality content are one of the main factors that lead us to include flies that surround the potted flowers in our homes. So, how to solve the problem of potted flowers?

Causes of fly problem in pots and flowers;

One of the biggest causes of flies is excessive and frequent watering. Keeping the soil constantly wet without allowing it to dry out creates an attractive environment for fruit flies. For this reason, it is useful to determine your irrigation periods well.

In addition, poor-quality soil selection also causes flies in the flowers.

One of the biggest causes of flies is the wrong cures applied. Using mashed fruit and vegetable wastes for your indoor plants will increase fly infestation. It would be beneficial to use the cures that have been filtered, rather than in liquid form.

Again, if the environment is airless and not ventilated regularly if the plant continues to be watered frequently, you will have prepared an environment for the formation of flies.

What causes fruit flies in flowers? The answer is this way. So how do we get rid of tiny flies in potting soil?


Unfortunately, there is no definitive solution to the problem of flies in potted soil. But there are some methods to reduce fruit flies.

If you are experiencing the fly problem intensively, the most effective solution is to acquire healthy and quality soil and make a change. Otherwise, tiny flies can harm your plant. It creates an image that can disturb you in the house.

Although there are several methods to prevent flying flies, there is no clear solution to prevent larvae in the soil.

Asprin Water

It is possible to reduce fly infestation by preparing aspirin-based water and pouring it into the soil in the pot.

Nicotine Effect

One of the most applied methods for potted flowers in the past is dipping cigarette butts into the soil. With the effect of nicotine, flies can be reduced again. If the fly is not very intense, this method is one of the most effective methods.

Dry Soil Addition

If the soil is too wet, dry soil can be added to dilute it, or the wet soil can be laid on newspaper and allowed to dry for a while.


Powder or cinnamon sticks can be applied to the soil surface. Cinnamon can reduce flies in a way, as its smell disturbs insects. But it doesn't completely destroy it. Cinnamon will not harm your plant, as it also benefits the plants.

Onion Shell

Again, it is possible to get rid of flies at a serious rate when you leave the outer brown skin of the onion in water for one night and pour the water from which you filter the peels the next day.

Soil Change

However, the most effective solution to the problem of fly infestation in potted flowers, as we mentioned at the beginning, is to use quality soil and change the soil when you encounter this problem.

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