How to give banana peel juice to flowers?

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How to give banana peel juice to flowers?

In recent years, some applications have been made to evaluate the organic wastes we consume as food and to bring them back to nature. In recent years, especially organic wastes have been processed for plants and started to be used frequently as nutritional supplements for plants. However, some applications can be beneficial as well as irreversible harm. One of them is the application of banana peel juice.

There are no scientific studies of the effect of banana peel juice. For this reason, it is a little difficult to say whether it is beneficial or harmful for plants. However, potassium, which banana contains at a high rate, is an element that plants love. However, the needs of each plant species for elements and vitamins differ. Again, it is very difficult to detect their deficiency and to supplement accordingly. In other words, when we apply 1 liter of banana peel juice directly to any of our plants, it will cause negative situations in that plant.

So how can we understand potassium deficiency in plants? What kind of negative effects do we encounter if it is taken too much into the plant?

· Potassium is the most important element that affects many important things such as fruit quality, color, smell, aroma, durability, and resistance to diseases in plants.

· Potassium deficiency in plants is primarily evident from their old leaves. It is seen as yellowing and drying on the edges and ends of the old leaves. Available in green leaf. In other words, you will witness a dry, yellowing, and green appearance from the outside to the inside.

· Again, the plant looks lifeless and tired. You think it's dehydrated and give it water, but it still can't recover.

· Its resistance against diseases and pests decreases, and it becomes unable to fight.

· If potassium is found in the plant in excess or if it takes too much into the plant, this time the magnesium intake will decrease, which will slow down the development of the new apex shoots of the plant.

Does banana peel juice make up for potassium deficiency in the soil? Yes, it can make up for the deficiency, but as we mentioned at the beginning, it is very difficult to determine how much loss is in the soil in domestic conditions. Therefore, if you are applying or want to apply banana peel juice, you should apply a very small amount. Otherwise, you may witness a decline in plant growth due to overuse.

We do not recommend such applications for indoor plants. One of the reasons for this may be those who neglect to adequately ventilate their plants indoors. Unfortunately, this can deteriorate the soil quality, or if the soil mix quality is low, it can invite problems such as flies, mold, and fungus.

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