Tips: Ideal Place for your Plants at Home

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Where should your plants stand at home? Where you place your plant at home is perhaps the most important factor in its healthy growth. Some spots are great locations for certain species, while others may not. For this reason, determine the location of your plants taking this into account.


When the air around a plant is drier than in its cells, the plant can lose moisture through the pores in its leaves. The bathroom can be an ideal place for plants that love high-humidity conditions.

Smart humidifiers work perfectly

Tough Places

For really difficult places such as dark corners, and very humid or very dry spots, it is useful to choose hardy houseplants such as Monstera.


The heat from radiators can dry out and burn plants, while temperature fluctuations can cause a problem. For this reason, reserve window sills and radiator tops for plants that like dry air, such as cacti and succulents.


Plants do not like constant changes in temperature. A windy window or door position can stress a plant and kill it during the winter months.

Air circulation

Improving airflow helps cool the higher plants so they don't dry out too quickly. It also reduces the likelihood of rot and disease, usually caused by dampness.

Light Level

Generally, the darker the leaves, the less light the plant should receive. Make sure such plants receive bright but indirect light.


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